Stolen car on wrong side of the motorway

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incar., Sep 22, 7:29pm
shock to see this this morning, I see the news networks used my footage

serf407, Sep 22, 7:51pm
What is an appropriate penalty for that type of driving?
5-10 year ban from driving and holding a licence?
As they say that is a 'special kind of stupid'.

trogedon, Sep 22, 7:58pm
Why did BMT566 have to slow down in front of you with their hazard lights on? (that's not a comment on your driving).

nice_lady, Sep 22, 7:59pm
What ? You're kidding. You don't get that kind of driving ban even if you kill a few people on the road. Anyway this was kids 2x15 yrs old and 3x 13 yrs old. About all they'll get is a nice chat and a cup of tea and some wet bus tickets which, when they've dried em out, will be useful to them as they won't need to steal another car they can use them for public transport !

marte, Sep 22, 8:02pm
Nice footage, what was the wombat with the hazard lights doing?

intrade, Sep 22, 8:16pm
i was thinking the same thing.

socram, Sep 22, 8:16pm
Nah, they'll steal someone else's pride and joy or essential means of daily transport. Then they'll do it again and again until someone gets killed, whilst the hand wringers will say they shouldn't go to prison because they weren't potty trained in the correct way and deserve another chance; the parent(s) and sundry relatives will say what great kids they are really and they just made a mistake.

WHY WEREN'T THE LITTLE SODS AT SCHOOL? I'm willing to bet they haven't got a good school attendance record.

socram, Sep 22, 8:25pm
You obviously disagree, but I thought the 'wombat with the hazard lights flashing' was expecting that maybe the errant vehicle would end up impaled on the front of a truck and the debris would end up on this side of the motorway, so I'd say well done and good thinking.

As I said, others may disagree, but putting on the hazard lights warns the traffic behind to wake up and hopefully, slows it down, to create some space. Too many massive multiple vehicle motorway accidents are caused by people not looking ahead and not thinking ahead.

It is called defensive driving.

philltauranga, Sep 22, 11:24pm
I agree. geez, some of that northbound traffic wanted a front row seat, didnt they.
That steel armco wont stop a fully loaded truck, concrete will, well when they dont have a trailer anyway. as we saw 4 days ago in Auckland:

NZHerald link of that dashcam footage:

ignition328, Sep 23, 12:40am
Totally agree, I've had a couple cars/car parts stolen at the hands of a certain drug addict family member now. Doesn't care about anyone but herself, has stolen an SS commodore for a joyride and went to jail for it for a couple months. Caused several accidents, has destroyed quite a few homes smash and grabbing. Any wheels, batteries, scrap metal or otherwise I have anywhere on any property will go missing. I even refused to update my enrollment address because you can look it up publicly and that's how she found me again.

I caught one of her "associates" not all that long ago on the property coming to steal some more of my stuff after a tip off. I tried to drag him out of the car because to be quite frank I'd of beaten the crap out of him but he was alone and scared of me so locked to doors and sat in the (stolen) car. Cops seemed more interested in my behaviour than his but the only reason I'm behaving like an ape is I've had no help and feel extremely vulnerable to scumbags like him because I can't even remove myself from it voluntarily. It's going to come to a very very dramatic end, the problem is it's either going to be at my expense for going too far or an innocent party's expense if they go too far; no win situation.

philltauranga, Sep 23, 9:06am
Mr camera man. pause the video at 54 seconds, and take a look at the blue truck with the empty trailer on.
Now picture this, that blue truck was full loaded, and swerved like that and lost control or he was beside the other blue truck in the middle lane, where he wouldnt have been abble to swerve like that, I think the van would have probably clipped the fromt of him and dammaged his steering wheels and cause him to loose control.
If he lost it and veered to his right, he would have steam rolled the armco and come into the northbound lane.
Then watch the video in the link I put up of the dump truck smashing into the concrete barrier 4 days ago.
Now pause the video at 55 seconds and take a good look at the empty blue truck, if that situation was slightly differnt, I think you would have got really, really good footage of the front of that truck. as it smashed through the armco into you.
the footage *probably* would have stopped about there.
and it would *probably* be the last thing you would ever see.

Some people in the northbound lane in that clip are blindly driving straight into the line of fire.

I can see what the silver car with the hazards on is trying to do.
the STMS do it, they use a truck in each lane driving beside each other to do it on the motorways, its called a rolling road block.
He was probably thinking 2 others would pull up beside him and together they could slow the northbound traffic down and create a buffer zone, so if a truck did smash through the center barrier others wouldnt get hit!

Some people need protecting from their own stupidity, I can see why our health and saftey rules needed to change, some people walk blindly into danger and we need to protect them from themself.

Great footage tho nice and close to all the action.

mopsy3, Sep 25, 11:24am
We are in that footage. Had to swerve into next lane with a trailer to avoid them. Luckily nothing beside us.

philltauranga, Sep 25, 1:20pm
Is that you at 37 seconds?
Thats a close call, very lucky there was nothing beside that silver wagon, with the trailer.
ALOT of very lucky people in that entire clip.
I would have thought with all the truck tire smoke at 8 seconds, and 47 seconds, it would be obvious to the northbound people that were following that van to get a front row seat, just how dangerous it was to do that?

A guy called Charles Darwin had a really good theory about people who do stuff like that.

mopsy3, Sep 25, 2:47pm
Yep, same time as an ambulance is in the shot. The driver was calm as a cucumber and he looked about 10 years old.

mopsy3, Sep 25, 3:33pm
We are the silver wagon with the trailer BTW. :-)

serf407, Oct 9, 3:27pm

simms31, Oct 9, 3:43pm
Whole thing would have been one big joke for that kid.

He's not laughing anymore.

Just thank goodness he didn't wipe out any innocent person and then put society through the rigmarole of his tax payer funded lawyer keeping a straight face while professing how remorseful the kid was.

philltauranga, Oct 9, 3:58pm
Charles Darwins theory is pretty accurate.

purplegoat, Oct 9, 4:00pm
I see the headlines on stuff that the driver in that car on the motorway was killed today , driveing a stolen car that did a runner from the police
Still his parents will probably be on the TV tonight saying what a good boy he is

casualobserver, Oct 9, 4:18pm
And what theory is that?

philltauranga, Oct 9, 4:22pm

casualobserver, Oct 9, 4:25pm
The only thing the Darwin Awards and Darwins theories share in common is his name.

philltauranga, Oct 9, 4:30pm
So how did it get that *name* if they are not relative to each other?

rsr72, Oct 9, 4:31pm
The taxpayer wins in the end.

casualobserver, Oct 9, 4:35pm
Yeah - you're right. How silly of me.
Charles Darwin absolutely definitely spent his life researching people who died doing stupid shit (which is what the Darwin Awards are about).