cjohnw, Jun 20, 4:36am
Gearlocks do not work they are a waste of money!

tylin, Jun 20, 5:15am
Sorry , i was not trying to spam . I just know that having a gearlock makes it much harder for theives to steal a car and everyone that wants to keep their car should have one .

superwiner, Jan 22, 12:36am
Stolen from Porirua.My Uncles car was stolen from his driveway. Early hours of last night/this morning. From Waitangirua. 1995 Mazda 323 wagon Plate TU4768. Please Phone police if you spot the car. Police Report has been Lodged. Car was locked and Alarmed.

He went for his last evening smoke around 11pm and first morning one at approx 6am. was gone

Please Keep eyes Peeled. Thanks Kindly

jono2912, Jul 5, 2:53pm
Something I never understand. Why don't they nick a decent car! (no offence)