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skippy33, Nov 26, 6:41am
hi,any painters or anyone in the know in here tonight,doing up a old vf750 magna,how much would it cost to get tank and side covers painted,was going to do it myself,but thought na,want it to look good.

sifty, Nov 26, 7:00am
looks good gun.

gunhand, Nov 26, 7:02am
Cheers, hows the wind down there at the mo.

sifty, Nov 26, 7:04am
eased off, just back from speedway, and look ok for Wyndham street race tomorrow. was bloody windy last 2 nights tho

gunhand, Nov 26, 7:06am
Yea, was talking to mate today after riding down from Dunners on a new bike. Just a little gusty in places he said. looked kinda pale he did.

skippy33, Nov 26, 7:20am
looks good,

tegeem, Nov 26, 7:23am
damn. i open a thread hoping to find photos of bazooka mounted on a peewee 50. but no. bugger

richard198, Nov 26, 7:40am

skippy33, Nov 26, 8:15am
thanks fr your input,NOT

rob_man, Nov 26, 8:18am
Around $400 probably, not much info there like what sort of colour etc.

richard198, Nov 26, 9:16am
People who don't ride tend to call bikes or motorcycles, motorbikes.
It just sounds so.wrong!

skippy33, Nov 26, 9:44am
been riding since i was 10,im now 44

danchop, Nov 26, 11:29am
its like mum and mom,motorcycle is american spelling,motorbike is not,but we seemed to have adopted the american word lately,i have a few brochures and posters from the 70s and motobike was the word generally used here,so are you young or an immigrant

sifty, Nov 27, 7:19pm
Burt said motorsickle.

richard198, Nov 27, 8:20pm
It's not an American term. When I lived in the UK we all called them either bikes or motorcycles. It doesn't matter so much except it sounds unusual to hear them called motorbikes.

kazbanz, Nov 27, 10:37pm
motorbike is a term that non biklers tend to use

kiwicon, Nov 27, 11:09pm
Skippy. Go down and see luke at "name just lost me for a second" down on subway road, 2nd down on lefthand side off manukau rd (pukekohe) - ask him how much. tell him Vince said give ya a discount :)

He worked at classic autobodies before that for about 15yrs and knows his stuff

cabrio1, Nov 28, 4:59am
Hey skippy, prob be cheaper if you strip the tank yourself. You could also prep the side panels. This saves on labour. Did my bits recently used leftover paint from another job that saved more. Got my mate Gary at TRANSFORM ardmore airfield to paint it for a favour he does a lovely job.
Motorbike mate, always was.

skippy33, Nov 28, 9:00am
sweet cheers will look him up

bikemadandrew, Nov 28, 9:30am
I say motorbike

chevcamaro, Nov 28, 10:37am
arlo guthrie explained it all when he sang the song about the pickle.

rozendaal, Nov 29, 12:07am
+ 1 for Motorbike and I have been a rider for a long time

richard198, Nov 29, 5:34am
It's never too late to change!
Do you ever get strange looks from other bikers!

danchop, Nov 29, 6:36am
edited for you.
do you ever get strange looks from other cyclers

i-n-horz, Nov 29, 6:45am
I say scoot or scooter even though it points towards a particular cheap 2 wheeled mode of transport.
eg: "Jump on'ya scoot mate lets hit the road for the day"

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