Draining underfloor fuel tank *Ramco

i-n-horz, Dec 12, 9:33pm
Does anyone know the best way to empty the underfloor tank on a 5.6 Ramco Outsider!
I can't seem to find any kind of drain plug or bung etc.
The only possible entries to the tank that I have seen is either through the fuel float mount or the fuel filling tube of which siphoning through maybe the only option.
I'm new to boating and maybe there's a technique or method to this procedure that I'm not aware of.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.would switching to tote tanks be a better option since I'd be only be running coastal waters! cheers.

i-n-horz, Dec 12, 10:35pm
All good folks.have found 2 screw bungs at the rear of the tank near where the hull drain plug is. cheers.

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