Mazda Atenza 2005. Just bought a mazda atenza 05 good cars

melr24, Nov 27, 4:33am
just bought a mazda atenza 05, good cars!

ralphdog1, Nov 27, 4:34am
Why ask after you have splashed the cash!

neo_psy, Nov 27, 4:55am
Got a pretty good name. Bit late to ask now though.

Unless you're trying to convince the other half about spending the money.

horsepower7, Nov 27, 7:41am
yup nice cars, hopeyou dont have the bose stereo tho haha

neo_psy, Nov 27, 8:43am
Why is that!

trdbzr, Nov 27, 9:45am
Its a pain in the ass if you ever blow the speakers. 2 Ohm speakers aren't that easy to get in NZ and you usually have to have them shipped over and Mazda charges through the roof for Bose speakers. Most of the dash replacement kits for them is pretty rubbish. They tend to stuff up the HVAC.

incar., Nov 27, 11:10am
Get the transmission serviced and buy a mechanical warranty if you haven't already, did you get a pre purchase inspection done! i have inspected many and 50% good 50% not so good, rust is a issue of some

mm12345, Apr 14, 11:58am
There are some 2 ohm car speakers from Infinity and JBL (and Clearwater for Mazda MX5) probably worth importing from the US if you need them and can be bothered adapting them to fit - if needed.
Bose is an enigma.Really not my cup of tea at all, even though I've in the past owned Bose home audio gear, and still have a car with Bose audio.