toysky, Nov 30, 12:46am
I travel 750k a week all highway 100-120kph ops

Car is a 92 Pulsar xir

Oil changes every 10-15,000 k

Which oil is best for me to use! long lasting etc etc


a.woodrow, Nov 30, 12:59am
I like castrol magnatech

friendly_prawn, Nov 30, 1:01am
cheapessssttttttttttttttttt! ;-)

jasongroves, Nov 30, 2:35am
Castrol Magnatec or the Fuchs Titan GT1 range if you have plenty of $$$.
Otherwise, Fuchs TITAN SUPER GTO 10W30 or TITAN CFX 10W30

mrfxit, Nov 30, 2:54am
Depends on vehicles current km's
If it's fairly low km's, then you could easily go with a semi-synthetic oil
If it's high km's then DON'T use any synthetic oils/mix's or otherwise.

Pretty much any 15/40 for low kms, 15/50 for high kms

smac, Nov 30, 3:02am

sharchew, Nov 30, 3:08am
I use Castrol Magnitec change it every 5000 ks

toysky, Nov 30, 4:05am
Car has done 145ks

hallucinogen_99, Nov 30, 4:54am
Still pretty low kms. Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 should be sweet. I run it in my '96 Sentra.

stevo2, Nov 30, 5:41am
I use Magnatec in all my petrol cars

goron56, Nov 30, 6:10am
Should be changing the oil 7-10,000ks,15,000ks is asking for cam seizure specially in an old nissan.

rovercitroen, Nov 30, 7:34am
Yeah, you can buy it at Repco or Supacheap on special quite often.

ninja_man, Nov 30, 7:36am
theres a special on now, free oil filter when you purchase the oil (at ripco)

morrisman1, Nov 30, 7:40am
out of interest toysky, are you keeping a fuel log and if so what is your economy!

drew2009, Nov 30, 9:15am
Magnatec or Penrite 10-50 Plus 10. Depends how well the engine is holding up.

stevo2, Nov 30, 5:16pm
Then you take the brochure with a special price of $35 to Mega10 and you get 15% off that and buy 3 or 4 for under $30 each.

toysky, Nov 30, 6:11pm
morrisman its costing about 105-------110 per weekat 106cents a liter

the-lada-dude, Nov 30, 6:32pm
iv'e seen fuchs oil drums being filled at a mobil distribution centre. would i be correct in thinking.
i'm gunna fill me car up in C/c next time @ that price !

skin1235, Dec 1, 8:27am
so whats wrong with the 20-40 at the warehouse for $17 litre
and before you all go snob value, have YOU actually had a problem with it, if so - what!, of even have a personal mate who has had a problem with it!

point is I've used it or similar for many years, and never had an engine failure, the kids in the family have blown 2 engines due to lack of regularoil changes that finally seized the cams - primera and mazda laser, both had run for more than 3 years with just topups - no full changes and no fliter changes - both used the cheapest oils you could find at the time ( usually dads bottle in the shed being even cheaper) but I seriously doubt the failures would have been prevented by treating even a dearer oil in that manner

skin1235, Apr 21, 7:04pm
thats all I use in the old diesel hilux, she's over 400k, had a rattle when I got it and it still has a rattle,( gudgeon)still pulls well and pulls hard in some pretty rugged places too, has done 120k of that with me in the last 3 years, all with el cheapo oil, gets a filter and new bottle every 8k