Diff Seal VX Landcruiser

skipper42, Oct 15, 7:39pm
How hard is it to replace the pinion seal on a 93 Landcruiser! Cheers

amuso, Oct 15, 9:47pm
As long as man has a 12" crescent spanner and a big hammer he can do anything.

andrew241, Oct 16, 3:03am
They are easyJust make sure you get the right size seal ,there are three different sizes.Drop driveshaft undo pinon nut pull flange out flick old seal out check flange for wear on seal surface.Then put it back together

monzaman, Oct 16, 5:33am
Pinion nut most be done up to precisly the same place it was so nut and pinion shaft have to be dot punched together before nut is undone! If over tightened you will likely end up with nosey pinion bearings in 2-3 months.

skipper42, Oct 17, 11:17am
Thats great guyz. Sounds easy. I guess I can take the old one to the shop so they can size it correctly.


skipper42, Dec 1, 2:36am
Hey there Guyz. Have gone to the point of undoing the large nut.but it wont budge. Not accessible withcresent so have a 30mm socket on a power bar, but still no movement.

Any ideas! Is it a normal thread or reverse possibly!/

hi-ling, Apr 20, 10:02pm
Its a normal thread, but you'll find the nut is probably staked. try unstaking the nut and a bigger bar, they can be bloody tight.