1992 nissan sentra n14, with GA16DE motor

flashgordon_nz, Jan 10, 8:47am
problem finally solved! got to it in the break, and bugger me days, a few boxs of southern comfort and cola later, we found the fault in the "no open" sealed switch - burnt contact!. cleaned it up, but it made it temperamental. But much more chance of it going now, than not! 6 outputs fromthe switch!

morrisman1, Jan 10, 8:49am
great to hear. How has the car been lately! raced much!

Where is this switch that you speak of, it may be useful to be aware of it sometime in the future.

flashgordon_nz, Dec 2, 9:31am
Evening all - i think, morrismain owns one! I just need a little bit if info. LOL - NZ new, down under the dash, just up from the throttle pedal is a fuse box. mine doesnt have a cover on it. can anyone tell me if they have a separate fuse for low beam, and if its listed as being side to side. I have a r/h low beam that doesnt work, ive checked the fuses (but may have missed one). There are a few gaps on the fuse board, (so a fuse may have been borrowed), but dont want to liven the gaps up, as it is a race car, and may liven/short out wires that arent meant to be getting power. all helpful input greatfully appreciated! (even a picture - yes, ive tried google!)

morrisman1, Dec 2, 9:50am
Yes it appears that left and right are differentiated but not between high and low beam. If the fuse is blown then from looking at the fuse descriptions it would be both high and low beam on one side that wouldn't work.

Here is a picture of the fuse box cover on my car
http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii200/morrisman1/P1050243.jpg and this is the fuse box under the bonnet, beside the battery. http://i264.photobucket.com/albums/ii200/morrisman1/P1050249.jpg

Check that the plug that attaches to the bulb is not corroded or damaged, I had that one mine and I think it was high beam that didn't work on the right hand side until I fixed up the contact.

Failing that then it would just be a matter of troubleshooting, spending time with the wiring diagram from the haynes manual and a multimeter, or unless you strictly need it to pass regulations I would be more tempted to just leave it broken.

How is your car going anyway! Had it out on the track much! I was doing sprints in essentially what you have which was good fun but I couldnt help but think that the acceleration was no better than my sentra road car (this one had full exhaust but otherwise engine standard but the car was stripped out, lowered and good sticky tyres. It certainly went around corners just fine with the good rubber on and there was basically no understeer.

flashgordon_nz, Dec 2, 10:26am
Hey morrisman1! Perfect. darnedest thing. mine didnt have an "under bonnet" fuse cover, so i got one from the wreckers, along with a proper overflow bottle, and odds and sods - never thought to get the inside fuse cover. needless to say, the crusher was there last week, and no more parts sentra!.
Im going to have to have another look during the daylight hours, thou have tried 3 bulbs in there - must be something in the plug or wiring. Its the only thing stopping it getting a warrant!.

I actually haven't done much with it, Sunday will be my first outing in it. racing/driving it in anger, but have tripped around in it getting a few things done! It still have a circuit suspension in it, so it corners well, and the rear wheels are carrying more camber than the fronts!
But there is no/little suspension movement. its rumored they had 650 pound springs in the rear, 800 in the front, with would keep it stiff.
Will have to look next year at getting some movement in it, so to do the tarmac rally, as a driver instead of a co-driver!

dent, Dec 3, 1:48am
Dont rule out that fact that it might be the headlight switch. Nissan often used separate out puts from the switch for each side headlight and is quite a common fault.

unbeatabull, Dec 3, 3:46am
Have you checked for power at the bulb! Will determine for sure if it is Bulb or wiring (I have had 4 spare "test" bulbs that I thought were good all not work before! - turns out they were all no good!)

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