Quick question. The front brake rotors on my car are a bit warped and i find it annoying if i get the rotors machined do the pad

pandai, Jan 25, 3:55am
The front brake rotors on my car are a bit warped, and I find it annoying.

If I get the rotors machined - do the pads need to be replaced as well!

twink19, Jan 25, 3:59am
some rorors are reasonably price now, consider new ones, and yes I would replace the pads

pandai, Jan 25, 4:02am
Hmm, I wonder if it can wait then.

Looking at the prices for Honda parts, front rotor $190, front pads $112.Not sure if there are enough pads for 1 or 2 wheels either.

It's not that noticeable around town, but more so when I've got a few digits on the speedo and use the brakes.

twink19, Jan 25, 4:05am
are they gold plated

pandai, Jan 25, 4:11am
Be nice if they were.Was dealer pricing, since they'd be doing it anyway, it's due for a service soon.

twink19, Jan 25, 4:15am
go to repco or BNT if you have one.get after market parts will be half the price, get your service done at local garage, franchise charge way to much.

neville48, Jan 25, 10:07am
but watch some of the cheaper brake pads or you may squeeeeeeck to a stop when they are cold.

carkitter, Jan 25, 10:13am
No you don't need to.
Honda's generally have very good brakes and genuine pads are definitely worth while it you want it to stay that way.

pandai, Jan 25, 10:27am
Cool beans

clark20, Jan 25, 11:27am
But get the discs from Autostop or BNT, Honda will still fit them or even quote for them if you ask.

scuba, Jan 25, 11:33am
your kidding right!

pandai, Jan 25, 11:21pm
$114.02 ea for rotors from BNT.282mm so too big to have them machined off the car, $40ea at Undercar to get them done but they have to be off the car first. Hmm.

pandai, Jan 25, 11:43pm
Hmm well the dealer says over the phone that it's $75 to machine both fronts.They decide whether or not to replace the pad when they see it.

Safe R Brakes were $142.60 to machine both fronts.

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