Nissan Pulsar 1996--1.5 FN15

frank1, Dec 4, 2:55am
Having trouble with wipers,switch on intermittent,will go then stop,goes on next 2 speeds,but wont return to park position unless you stop manually when reaches park position.
Have replaced wiper switch,but still does the same-and yes-was a second hand one.
Anything else I should be looking at!

mm12345, Dec 4, 3:13am
There's a plastic cover next to the motor with 3 (IIRC) screws. Try removing that cover, and cleaning up the rotating contact blade etc under it.If no luck with that, there's a bolt to the left/under with a lock nut on it which I think is for adjusting tension on the motor shaft.Try adjusting that - you can do it with the wipers on to see the effect if it was over-tight.
Have had the same problem intermittently with a '97 pulsar we've had for years.The motor is probably a bit dodgy/worn, as the assembly between motor and blades seems to be okay. Either that, or the motor's just a bit weak, perhaps n combination with some wiper blades. With mine, it seems to have needed a tweak every year or two.

frank1, Dec 4, 4:13am
Thanx Mark,will try your suggestions tomorrow--great input!

frank1, Dec 4, 6:17am
Tried all you said Mark--but still the same,even took armature cover off and checked brushes/armature--both look ok.
Maybe windings on armature--but they look ok

bitchwitattitud, Dec 4, 6:26am
It will be the intermittent relay located to left of glovebox. Remove the glovebox by pulling the locking pins at the bottom and you will see the black relay with 6 or so wires going to it. Take down part number and ring a wreckers for a 2nd hand one.

frank1, Dec 4, 6:32am
Guess u mean LHS below glovebox--if so--have replaced because of heater fan speeds--fixed that prob.
Does this also control wiper probs!

mm12345, Dec 4, 8:02am
With mine, just to be clear, it would always work fine on maximum speed, but when it was playing up it would seize up on low speed and intermittent, and/or not return to "rest" position when turned off.It would "try", but the motor would labour and the wiper arms struggle or not move at all - it was not the relay. Did you try adjusting the screw on the gearbox/motor shaft!Also check to see if anything is obviously wrong/broken with linkages between motor gearbox and wiper arms.
I think there are a couple of relays on the LH side under the glovebox - if as bwa suggests above, that's the problem, and the symptoms you've got aren't the same as mine, that could be it.
I also had a problem with the fan speed - working only on max, but this was the blower resistor.That was a very easy fix.

frank1, Dec 4, 8:18am
Yep-same here--but motor does not seem to labour--yep tried adjusting screw-in/out with wipers on--no difference.
Said I changed relay/resister,below glovebox,to fix heater fan speeds--worked.
Asked if this relay/resister also controls wipers.I think
No reply so far.

mm12345, Dec 4, 8:34am
No.There's a wiper "amplifier" controlling intermittent - that's probably in a little black box somewhere that looks like a relay.But if wipers don't return to rest position when turned off, I doubt that's the problem.

frank1, Dec 4, 8:46am
Thanks--any idea where the little black box is(amplifier) is!

mm12345, Dec 4, 8:57am
I'm guessing it's stuck somewhere up there above/left of the blower, under the glovebox.But going from memory, there's a couple of little black boxes up there.The FSM I've got is for LHD models only.

bitchwitattitud, Dec 4, 9:44am
No I said Intermittent relay not Heater Resistor Card.

frank1, Dec 13, 4:11am
Thanks Mark but that diagnosis from what I can see is only for intermitent wiper speed does not work--which it does.
Anyway thanks for all input guys,will take it to auto electrician tomorrow and see if he can trace the fault.