I just put new brushes in starter motor and bench

odie6, Dec 4, 5:16am
tested ok.
Its out of a WB Holden 202 and I hadnt started it for a while. I had to charge the battery and jump start to get even a moderate turn out of it. It managed to fire and ran for about 10 mins. I turned it off and tried to start again with no result.
After new brushes, (old ones worn as), put back in motor and tried to start.
Motor still struggled to turn. I think it may be a bit seazed, (if theres anything as a bit seazed). I can turn the motor by hand however, but cant crash start as its an auto.
Any ideas, should I put some oil down bores and turn again by hand! Or is ther anouther posible explanation.

unbeatabull, Dec 4, 5:24am
Battery, poor earths on body/chassis/engine etc. If you can turn the motor over by hand the starter should be able to crank it no problem

fern413, Dec 4, 5:28am
I would be looking closely at the starter solenoid

skin1235, Dec 4, 5:29am
did you bed the new brushes to the worn commy! will bench test as in spin real good but no torque until it get full contact brushes to the commy
a bench test usually involve a torque test too but difficult if you don't have to gear to do it

odie6, Dec 4, 5:31am
I havnt fully checked earths, only battery.
I'll do that now before the light fades.

electro2000, Dec 4, 5:33am
disconnect your alt get another battery and jumper cable and put the two together to make 24 volt and jump it like that it will start then .
They get bloody stiff when been sitting for a while those motors learnt that trike of a moble machanic years ago was in the same boat as you spent hours trying to start the thing .
my engine was stiff even turning by hand - yours could still be a bung starter

odie6, Dec 4, 5:33am
Yep I tested the solenoid when I first pulled the stater out. Both for pull in and hold in.

taipan4, Dec 4, 5:35am
did you have an "excess"of sparking around the commy,.like the ring of fire.if so you may have shorted turnson rotor, motor may spin up fine on test bench but no torque when its needed

odie6, Dec 4, 5:36am
I suppose when I jump started it the other day it gave enough to start. What does dissconnecting the altenator do!

odie6, Dec 4, 5:40am
No I couldnt/didnt see any sparking. The whole ammature looked fairly tidy. The commy wasnt worn. Just the brushes worn right down to the braided wire.
I dont have a test bench and theres no way i can test for tourqe. I might drop off in town and get the auto sparkys to check.

electro2000, Dec 4, 5:41am
Sorry didn't see your original post correctly , you have already started it, so this is no good for you- i was meaning if it was stiff from not being run for some time
Disconnecting alt stops 24 volt being fed to it and damaging it

pup2, Dec 4, 7:48am
Commy most likely needs undercut. Makes a huge difference.when we do brushes or a service, we always undercut it and make sure it is true. Were there any polling marks on the armature!

purple666, Dec 4, 7:56am
Big vice and a block of wood held against the teeth worked way back to get a bit load on them.

odie6, Dec 4, 8:30am
How much grunt do you put on the wood. Should you be able to stop the starter!

odie6, Dec 4, 8:35am
The armature was clean as. All up it all looked fairly tidy. Absolutly no tracking marks or wear on the commy. I'll drop it in at the auto sparky tomorrow and see how it shapes up.

petermcg, Dec 4, 8:41am
24 volt works,, also you could spray a bunch of crc down the plug hole then crank it.

saki, Dec 5, 3:43am

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