Holden V6 starter motor for v8

devillemad, Oct 16, 9:49pm
Ive brought a new v8 starter to put in my vn but it doesn't fit in between the headers and sump. Will a v6 starter work just as well!

treachug, Oct 16, 10:38pm
Should be different pinion throw length & torque requirements & solenoid positioning! Also check pinion tooth count - I am sure they are different.

devillemad, Oct 17, 12:12am
That's what i thought, but the starter motor i bought isn't the same as the one that is currently in the car.

franc123, Oct 17, 12:21am
Sounds like you have been supplied the wrong starter to me, get the correct one or rebuild the one that you have if it needs rebuilding and the problem will disappear.

devillemad, Oct 17, 4:34am
Is there a difference between the auto and manual starter motor! My starter is half the size of the one i just bought and the solenoid is on the side (mine's on the top).

treachug, Oct 18, 10:13am
No, v8 auto & manual are same. Sounds like you have got a starter to suit pre VS commodore not the later VT hi-torque starter like your original starter is. Will foul exhaust etc like you have found.

devillemad, Oct 20, 12:16am
Oh i see, thanks for that treachug. The starter i bought is off a VS Clubsport was under the impression they were all the same. My car is a VN SS. Ok so i need to get a V8 VT hi-torque starter!

treachug, Jan 6, 12:52pm
You need to find the starter that will give you best header clearance. VN solenoid position is were at right angle to the block (3 o'clock!) & later VT type were gear reduction design (smaller, powerful with more torque) & the solenoid is at approx 1 o'clock or so, theorectically giving you more clearance. Only thing is the VT mount bolts are same length where your original bolts were 1 short & 1 long, so you may need to find a another bolt before fitting - losing time more time off road etc.