Starter Motor in Suzuki King Quad!

4b1g, Dec 17, 6:56am
Does anybody know where this is situated on the bike!It needs replacing, we have one to replace it with but no manual and no idea where it is on the bike.Thanks

desmodave, Dec 17, 7:19am
lift the seat off and have a look.Thats where the pull start lives.How do ya know it needs replacing.

4b1g, Dec 17, 7:30am
Asking for hubby, apparently he knows it needs replacing - something to do with the brushes!

crzyhrse, Dec 17, 7:46am
Simply follow the heavy gauge lead from the positive battery terminal to its conclusion.

mechnificent, Dec 17, 9:08pm
If you look in down by the drivers leg on the right side of the bike, you should be able to see the end of the starter. It's on top of the gearbox. There is a thick starter cable to be taken off, then there are two small headed bolts facing towards you, you take them out and the starter pulls straight towards you. It fits into a round hole on the case with an "o" ring, so they can be a bit of a tight pull. After it's out you need to clean all the dirt that will have accumulated under the starter before refitting the starter, otherwise it's hard to get it back in the hole nicely.

4b1g, Dec 18, 4:07am
Thank you mechnificent that was very helpful advice

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