Peugeot 307: Aftermarket brake pads ok!

doublexiao, Jan 27, 5:17am
My partner has a Peugeot 307 (2004) - we need to replace the rear brake pads soon and I wanted to know whether there is much difference between using the real Peugeot ones or after-market, which are much cheaper.

jasongroves, Jan 27, 5:20am
After market are perfectly fine.
Just don't waste your time with those ridiculous Silver Lines etc.
My personal preference is Bendix, available from BNt and a few other places.

jasongroves, Jan 27, 5:28am
BNT also supply Mintex pads, which is another good option for after market. I'm pretty sure they actually supply many OEM manufacturers.

zetec, Jan 27, 9:23am
When the originals wore out at 70km I replaced the front rotors and pads on my 2004 Focus with Bendix. The feel was not quite as good but the stopping power was the same. At 133km the Bendix rotors show little wear. The problem with OEM parts is they will wear out faster, since European rotors have more iron in their composition to cope with the cold northern countries and the high speed roads, and while being very effective they wear out faster. As other poster said, your car will be fine with Bendix or Mintex.

phillip.weston, Jan 27, 10:39am
Remsa is another good aftermarket pad

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