Needing new rear brake pads

zak1998, Jun 24, 7:40am
For WOF the garage said it helps if you get the rear discs skimmed as well as getting new pads its a extra $80. What I would like to ask you lot is does it help!

mugenb20b, Jun 24, 7:52am
How often do rear pads need changing!

zak1998, Jun 24, 7:56am
Not done it in 5 years

andrea_w, Jun 24, 7:56am
Really depends on the condition of the disks.
However if its been recommended, just get it done

intrade, Jun 24, 7:57am
forget skimming the disk unless the disk is scared you better off to check if the brake fluid is not due for a flush then to wast money on skimming a disc.

zak1998, Jun 24, 8:07am
They said the work cantguarantee the work unless I get them skimmed

intrade, Jun 24, 8:08am
well whats the full cost!
brake fluid should be flushed exchanged every 24 month also engine coolant

andrea_w, Jun 24, 8:12am
They must be in really bad condition for them not to guarantee the brakes will function after new pads are fitted. which means they should be suggesting new disks.
.orrrr they are after a bit of an 'extra' sale ;)

Unless disks are really grooved. a skim won't do much of anything.

zak1998, Jun 24, 8:21am
brake fluid was changed last year after the master cylinder when.

crzyhrse, Jun 25, 12:58am
Unless they're badly grooved skimming is completely unnecessary.

Get a second opinion.

johnf_456, Jun 25, 8:58am
As above only skim if they are really bad

crzyhrse, Jun 25, 3:49pm
Good point. I agree.

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