Good brake pads

saya28, Dec 9, 11:02am
Any recommendations for good inexpensive brake pads for normal driving and road trips?

nice_lady, Dec 9, 11:06am
and the vehicle is ?

saxman99, Dec 9, 11:40am
Ask at BNT, they do good value stuff.

saya28, Dec 9, 12:27pm
Nice_lady, the car is CRV.

Saxman, will give them a ring.

kingfisher21, Dec 9, 1:17pm

franc123, Dec 9, 1:54pm
BNT's CPlus pads are on my opinion the best value for money on the market. I don't bother with anything else now.

whynot47, Dec 9, 3:29pm
And Frank really knows what he is doing

seti1, Dec 11, 6:25pm
I would agree that BNT’s CPlus offer the best in terms of low dust, noise and value.

electromic, Dec 12, 11:20am
Another vote for BNT's CPlus, the best value for money pad that I have ever used. I fitted them to my own daily driver, a Mazda Atenza to test them properly before fitting them to any other car.

saya28, Dec 19, 2:55pm
Thank you.

Why are mechanics unhappy when you decline machining the discs?

saxman99, Dec 19, 2:57pm
Because it’s a chargeable service. Having said that if your discs are badly scored or a little warped then it’s worth doing, assuming that they are within the runout spec.

franc123, Dec 19, 6:48pm
Because they'd rather not deal with complaints from customers three weeks later when the car comes back with a noise or vibration issue in the brakes and the "it never did this before you touched it" line. It's a much more guaranteeable repair.

tygertung, Oct 8, 1:57am
I would personally rather not machine them as it makes them thinner, but the pads will take longer to bed in.

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