Queues, Why don't drivers drive like they walk.

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johnf_456, Jan 30, 6:51am
Reckon, don't get me started on pricks that cut in and force you to change your following distance then don't even say thanks. Especially when your towing! Road watch does not make a difference in my opinion, the pricks need to be dealt to in better ways.

Not to mention people who join a motorway at 50 or 60k, causing a domino affect of everyone braking for them.

extrayda, Jan 30, 6:55am
AAARRGHH ! Yes, completely agree.I make sure to never let them back in if they try to push in front of me.Sadly usually some 'helpful' soul then lets them in further up.The issue is that to avoid people pushing in, you end up following too close, which results in more nose-to-tail accidents.Lincoln Road is very bad for arrogant ar&eh0les doing that - often I will recognise cars that often do it, so it's not like 'oops, crap I'm in the wrong lane by accident'.
That sort of behaviour does just screw the traffic flow and make everyones trip longer and more stressful.

Auckland drivers are always in a mad rush to get wherever they are, even if there is no reason to be, and the attitude is catching - I caught myself doing it the other day, and had to make a conscious effort to relax and kick back - much less stressful trip :-)

clark20, Jan 30, 7:00am
I have been caught in a few lately, and it pisses me off too. Esp on the viaduct over Newmarket, you leave just 2 car lengths (70km/hr you should leave more) but it keeps getting filled up, they just keep coming, it feels like you are going backwards.

jono2912, Jan 30, 7:03am
Oh what joy it is to drive down South.

ottoman, Jan 30, 9:05am
I swear impatience and intolerance is getting worse by the day out on the roads.

I hate it when there is a couple of cars at a T intersection waiting to turn right and some dick at the back drives down the left of the cars (where there isnt a lane) and turns right in front of the car now also turning right, this car then has to brake to avoid a crunch.My friends and I have seen this countless times, just yesterday myself and a car in front had just reached the intersection and a burgandy outback following behind went down the left and turned in front,Its bizarre and so arrogant! why would idiots do this!

It also happened to me leaving the bombay BP, im in the right lane turning right, a escudo drives into the left lane, covers my view so i cant see and turns right in front.Thanks.This also happened to my sister, but in her case she just drove out, the other guy had to brake and he swore at her!Man theres some impatient and arrogant people on the road, sometimes i wish i drove a bulldozer.

johnf_456, Jan 30, 9:10am
Yup if people had patience and allowed proper time and introduced time mangement the roads would be a much safer and more enjoyable place. Been inpatient leads to anything pretty much from tailgating to what ever you what it to be next.

God I love to drive a massive yank around with full bull bars some days. Teach the pricks a lesson. Haha

im_andrew, Jan 30, 10:04am
I only seem to have these issues when Im driving my subaru.

I guess people just dont want to mess with a shit old commodore with mix-and-match paintwork.

goslow, Jan 30, 8:34pm
I'm a pretty chilled out driver until it comes to merging. The one that really winds me up is when you're given plenty of warning about road works and a closed lane. Most people merge at the earliest opportunity but there are always those arses that think their time is far more important than anyone elses and overtake as many as possible then muscle in at the head of the queue. I have taken to pulling out into the other lane and just holding my position parallel to the car in front of me. This of course winds the arses up instead of me, and their frustration is a joy to behold.

socram, Jan 30, 9:39pm
Totally agree with early posts - but part of the blame rests with the authorities on two counts.

Northern motorway doesn't need a lane past the Constellation off ramp that disappears. It does need the third lane from the on ramp to Greville, to accommodate all the traffic that will bypass Auckland by using the Western route and thise going to the events centre.You can't squeeze three lanes into two then also merge another set of traffic without problems.

In the other direction, the queue jumpers cause the blockage at 6:20am every single day through St Mary's Bay and up to the Bridge and beyond becase they are allowed to merge right up to the Vic Park flyover.Should be defined lanes so that those who rush up to the flyover and dive across the broken lines cannot do so.Allow the broken lines and you invite people to queue jump.

Again, if you reduce the speed limit from 100kph to 80 kph, then you need an extra lane! When you reduce it as at present to 70kph, you need two extra lanes, otherwise you are bound to have congestion.

Tempting at times to queue jump particularly when for the none salaried, (self employed!) time means money.An hour a day lost is very costly indeed.

next1eve11, Jan 30, 9:59pm
Lol auckland ae, go figure.

Whats the buzz up there, use public transport so they keep saying

wrong2, Jan 30, 11:02pm
dorklanders havent had courtesy for decades

you can waste hours getting across the city & it breeds the attitude

wrong2, Jan 30, 11:02pm
& id drop dead of amazement if they suddenly understood what the fast lane is meant for

cuda.340, Jan 30, 11:35pm
sorry dude but i disagree with your driving style. to block a lane makes you the asshole. when a lane has to merge it is common sense to merge at the front of the queue. if you were a pedestrian & were in a queue you wouldn't join in half way down, you'd join in at the front of the queue just like everyone else. this is what the OP stated in the title so stop being a total tosser & drive with consideration to other motorists.

pollymay, Jan 31, 12:30am
People feel safe in their metal cages. If it is jam packed traffic and you get out for a word they suddenly seem surprised you broke the rules of the world and got out of your car. They behave after that usually

welshdude, Jan 31, 12:44am
Are you the guys who get really aggressive when I find myself having to change lanes unexpectedly! When you are on an unfamiliar road it is quite easy to end up in the wrong lane, needing to make a last minute change. When that happens and I indicate to change lanes, I expect some patience - after all, i can't make my car disappear!

winpp, Jan 31, 12:55am
Remember that Dorklanders live everyday with half their brain missing. The other half they left back at home. I have driven in a few major cities around the world and Aucklanders would have to be the worst in the world. Period.

cuda.340, Jan 31, 1:02am
you sure it's the Jafa's fault or the out-of-towners that don't look far enough ahead to realise they're in the wrong lane!

pollymay, Jan 31, 1:05am
I feel special being in the 5% :)

I cock blocked some guy once that used the flush median to jump the line and he then followed me for 10 minutes trying to get up beside my car. I kept moving over so he couldn't get by due to parked cars and oncoming traffic etc then when we hit a quiet road I wound my turbo up and took off. He was getting aaaaangry at being thwarted every move he made, lots of yelling and finger gestures from him. What a douche, I cost him way more time winding him up than he would of saved if I let him in rather than pacing not letting him back in, would do again.

cuda.340, Jan 31, 1:10am
no indicator, no courtesy, not a bloody mind reader.

socram, Jan 31, 4:03am
Well I suppose with Hamiton having just two streets, it isn't too easy to get it wrong as you only need a quarter of a brain to survive.

Unfortunately it is only small percentage of Aucklanders that are the problem but the chaos they cause is huge.

Any unplanned city that has grown to a million people and has a licencing/testing system that is so pathetic and law enforcement that is so weak, is going to have problems. Maybe Singapore with a jay-walking penalty of $1000 or whatever, at least means you get no jay walkers!

Penalties in NZ are soft so drivers ignore the rules.

welshdude, Jan 31, 4:37am
When I moved to Auckland many years ago there were two aspects of my driving behaviour that had been acceptable in the Garden City but were not in the city of sails: 1) Maintaining 50-52kph in a 50kph zone 2) Waiting at traffic lights in neutral. These misdemeanors resulted in horn-honking, tailgating and/or wild overtaking.

goslow, Jan 31, 7:07am
Actually pal, I am an extremely considerate driver who does so in a professional capacity. Answer me this -why do the police close many passing lanes during peak holiday periods! Could it perhaps be because the traffic moves much much better without the inevitable congestion where people are merging!

goslow, Jan 31, 7:50am
Oh, and I suspect that the vast majority of reasonable people would join the queue at the back.

craigsmith, Jan 31, 1:37pm
Because people are idiots and don't use the lanes available to them, then bitch like you and cause problems. Easier for the police to just block the lane and be done with it, and to hell with the inefficiency.

The road's a resource, you gotta use it. In slow moving traffic two lanes should be made full use of - to leave 1,000 m or whatever of road sitting there unused is f*ing stupid. If others are smart enough to make use of it while you sit there queuing like a good little sheep, full of good intentions but totally clueless, it's your problem.

Similarly 3 lanes going to 2 - motorway or whatever - the 3 lane stretch should be used to its maximum extent. Why artificially merge early! It's f*ing retarded, you are artificially lengthening the bottleneck. Don't tell me that merging creates problems, you have to merge at some point anyway - the question is where. And, for you to deliberately block the lane, well now that just makes you an ignorant a-hole.

Pappa's got a slight misunderstanding with his analogies I think. His OP is more akin to complaining that someone beat you at the supermarket queue cos they chose a checkout that turned out faster.

cuda.340, Jan 31, 5:41pm
well said!