2005-2006 Nissan Pathfinder Diesel 2.5 issues

kramsnave, Dec 11, 12:19pm
I am looking at upgrading my current Terrano 2.7diesel to the later model Pathfinder but I have heard the 2.5 diesel motor has a few issues, one being with the injectors which can be a costly replacement, can anyone shed some light on the issues these vehicles may have. thanks

m16d, Dec 11, 5:57pm
I'll assume its the same 2.5 turbo motor as the Navara.
Mines on 240000 and no issues at all.

intrade, Dec 11, 6:01pm
i recommend to stay away from any diesel unless you are willing to use a additive to prevent damage the new low sulfur diesel causes to any diesel engine.theseday you buy a petrol and slap on a lpg injection for cheap motoring and less problems. Diesel problems on new diesel are in the tousends of $$ not to mention the ripoff charge for R.u.c

kramsnave, Dec 11, 8:38pm
I've used wynns edt in all of my diesels to combat the sulfur issues and keep everything nicely lubed up so running an additive is not a huge issue

paul271, Dec 11, 8:49pm
They do have an issue with timing chain stretch, if you buy one then I woudl recommend buying a mechanical warranty to cover you if the worst happens. otherwise they are good wagons.

mm12345, Dec 11, 9:32pm
I heard exactly the same.I also had a Nissan salesman try to sell me one, with about 120,000 km on the clock, with a "brand new engine" that the previous owner just parted with $14k to install.If this was supposed to encourage me to part with $$$, it didn't work.
Big question for me, are these "Nissan" engines actually more Renault than Nissan!If not, then how come Nissan diesel longevity/reliability seems to have been on a decline since 1999!

intrade, Dec 11, 9:38pm
the chain issue is probably partly to do with people not servicing there cars on time or servicing it at all.as oil that has no lube wears out the timing chain-guides and stops the hydraulic tensioner from operating correctly causing slack chain rattle and then the chain gets a beating from backlash and it gets worse and worse like digging your own grave deeper and deeper. The next problem is usually these engine use non duplex chains so they stetch much more easy then say one of a mercedes diesel.

vtecintegra, Dec 11, 11:04pm
As modern engines get more efficient and powerful they also get more complex.

Pretty sure the 2.5 predates the Renault thing by quite a bit though

mm12345, Dec 11, 11:24pm
The alliance started in 1999.
Looks like the original YD engines were rotary pump / mechanical injected, were in fact introduced before the alliance.
The YD25DDTi appeared in 2005.
Perhaps part of the issue is applying Euro system to control emissions, on engines which weren't designed from scratch with this in mind.To meet emissions, they'll be doing a lot more than just whacking a common-rail injector setup on an old motor.
There's a new 3.0 v6 common rail diesel coming from Nissan soon.Hope they get this one right.

chris_051, Dec 12, 2:16am
The V6 is a Renault engine, you'll also find plenty of jappa diesels that are time bombs. Big end bolts in these motors are known to come loose.

kramsnave, Dec 12, 9:20am
cheers for the info everyone, I also have the option of a 4.0 petrol one for "book value" which is a very good price, I would still prefer the diesel however but it does raise some concerns with a certain few issues that they have, if only they made them as bulletproof as the 2.7tdi

3beers, Dec 12, 10:43am
The 2.5 engine isnt as bad as some . Sold one to a road pilot I know about 4 years ago . has now done 380,000 ks . is on its 3rd set of injectors (150k) per set . has had the fuel rail replaced (warranty with a few of the pre facelift ) It gets serviced every 10,000 almost to the km .
Genuine filters every time . Ang it still runs as sweet as the day it was deivered .
Petrol vs Diesel I did the calculations about the time I sold the above unit .
working with the fuel consumption figures from Nissan and AA road test . Based on 20,000ks a year (Pre RUC increases and the Additional charges now on Diesel fuel) it was around $700 more per 20,000k to run the petrol .

msigg, Jun 1, 2:10am
On those figures above that is a savings of $13,300, buy alot of maintenance for that, or half another truck.