V140 yamaha question

geminidragon, Feb 3, 8:26am
hi i have found a little hollow black rubber hose disconectedthat runs down the back of the bottom of the leg of the engine ,i have rejoined it but am unsure whether the mechanc actually just forgot to hook it back on after changing the impellor ,i have a feeling its for the speedo or something ,,any ideas !would call the mechanic but its too late and we are off early fishing in the morning

winpp, Feb 3, 8:56am
Will be for speedo, as water pressure is fed to the dash gauge via a small pipe.

johnf_456, Feb 3, 9:00am

geminidragon, Feb 3, 5:37pm
many thanks ,yes i traced it up to dash ,up early to go fishing but theres a strong wind and manukau bound so hope the winds goes away

mike77, Mar 8, 1:59pm
Its a good thing you connected it. A mate put a 90 Yammy on his boat, but disconnected that particular hose - as the boat had a seperate speedo.

The open end of the hose was at the powerhead, which squirted out enough water to find it's way into the air inlet, which then hydrauliced the motor. new crank, new rods etc etc etc.