Cheapest but quality car alarm installer -Dunedin

nokiacellphone, Feb 7, 5:42am
looking also

mustang-man, Feb 7, 11:29am
Go see James Brown at Atomik Audio on Fox St (South Dunedin). He's alarmed my cars for me and done a lot of other electrical work. I don't know if he's cheap enough for you, but i can assure you that he takes pride in his work and likes to spend the time and do the job right the first time. NEVER had any problems with his work. :)

jono2912, Feb 7, 11:31am
Just remember, there's no point spending ANY money putting an alarm in unless it's a decent one.

antz511, Feb 7, 8:39pm
dpending on weather you wanted to travel or not there is a good one up here in chch as mate does them from home and he use to own his own business now does it from home hes prety avg priced to with very good alarms if that any help

j_fung9007, Nov 12, 7:23am
Any recommendation of a quality but not expensive car alarm installer in Dunedin!

40wav, Nov 12, 8:16am
You will struggle to get both. It will be one or the other (unless you know someone)

chopssuzi, Mar 24, 1:52pm
i will do it wong