Truck has indirect steering - how to fix!

tim8069, Feb 11, 9:27pm
I imagine the steering box needs adjusting, if you turn the steering left to right, is there free play, where it turns but doesnt move the steering arm out of the steering box! If so adjustment is necessary

im_andrew, Feb 11, 9:28pm
You first need to locate where the fault is, in the steering box, the u-joints on the steering column/shaft or in idlers and balljoints in the steering system its self. Park the truck on flat ground, engine running, and have someone shake the steering wheel left and right (about 15* each way) while you crawl under and feel the ball joints, idlers and U joints for play.

If its the u-joints (most likely is, as worn ball joints would be picked up easily on COF) you should be able to pull them off yourself and get a new or rebuilt unit from somewhere like Multispares. Sometines they are a real prick to get off, once you have the bolts off you can open up the clamp a bit more with a cold chisel. A crows foot bar would be extremely useful too.

tim8069, Feb 11, 9:30pm
Any wear in the steering links would be picked up at COF time, play in the steering box sometimes is not. If the play is not at the steering box, and it isn't moving the steering arm, there is likely a problem further up, like in a steering universal joint on the shaft

mercbens, Feb 12, 3:10am
Trucks can flatten the front leaf springs over time, causing the caster angles to alter.
Does it track straight if you take your hands off the steering wheel! That can be an indication of a caster problem (fixed by putting wedges of the correct angle between the axle and the spring leaf)
I have seen trucks taken in for a wheel alignment and all that was wrong was low air pressure in one of the front tyres.

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