Re-conditioning the starter motor

nick29, Feb 13, 2:16am
Hi all - does anyone know how much this costs! Mine needs doing and I'm just curious to see how much I'd be looking at cost wise. Thanks in advance for any help! :)

carmedic, Feb 13, 2:34am

bruceeeeee, Feb 13, 3:15am
No! its only the red car ones that are the same. On blue cars they are different.

purple666, Feb 13, 3:31am
$214.87 gst inc
any advance on $214.87
do i hear $250

richard198, Feb 13, 3:51am
The starter motors on 737's cost heaps to reco.!

robbo36, Feb 13, 4:17am
Try paying the reco costs on a ballistic submarine starter motor!

ash4561, Feb 13, 4:21am
just get a second hand one about 280 to recondition but you can get a few second hand ones for that likely one will outlast the car

craigsmith, Feb 13, 4:40am
You could just buy the one I'm selling. I'm sure it'll fit and work just fine. Even though it's not green.

jmma, Feb 13, 4:56am
Buy another car the same and just take the starter out of that, way cheaper (o:

franc123, Feb 13, 6:14am
If its a purple car you may as well just buy a new one, not economic to recondition.

fern413, Feb 13, 7:05am
put starter in microwave for two days cheaper than getting recoed and will be a lot more powerful

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