Broken bolt in flywheel

scoobeey, Feb 21, 6:12am
I know I know torque wrench was loaned out miles away blah blah anyways blot broke . easy out pushed bolt to the back of the ring gear.I can put a new bolt in, QUESTION>can the boken bolt be left in .

intrade, Feb 21, 6:14am
no never in hell leave any parts like thisnear a flywheel. they can lock the flywheel up and make your timing belt jump teeth and all sorts.

intrade, Feb 21, 6:15am
take the flywheel off the crank and change the rear crank seal while your at it also.

scoobeey, Feb 21, 6:25am
Bolt gone to back of flywheel INSIDE casing

intrade, Feb 21, 6:33am
so it cant ever come out and cause a problem!

scoobeey, Feb 21, 6:39am
not sure may have to ring the man who put new ring gear on !slight hint of a maybe prob and shes out.If so have a small bit of rust heave in truck chassis coullnt get to anyway cheers

mrfxit, Feb 21, 6:55am
Simple answer . NO .
It will add weight to that spot on the flywheel
No much in it's self but with a few revs on. over time it will bugger up the back bearing & effect everything/anything connected, with vibrations

scoobeey, Feb 21, 7:09am
Ok thanks mrfix it so will it have to be split to get bolt out!

scoobeey, Feb 21, 7:24am
The bolt went through as i was drilling .happeened fast ; Not into how did this happen just want to know where to from here so good advice appreciatted cheers

petermcg, Feb 21, 8:39am
No mate Balance is the thing, It is possible that your fly wheel could fly to pieces if it is out of balance. If the bolt was holding the fly wheel on and it is broken, remove the fly wheel and use an easy out, but remember you are undoing the broken stud not doing it up, If it is broken it should not be tight now and should screw out easy, I have removed broken studs with my finger .Now if its one of the bolts that holds the clutch on, think of what I just said about balance.

rsr72, May 13, 6:47am
Another method for a broken flywheel bolt -
Heat surrounding area very gently to slightly expand the surrounding metal, then using a dot punch near the outer edge of the stud tap in an anti-clockwise direction.
Laborious, but generally works.