Shuddering in steering when braking 2005 SV6

crails, Feb 25, 8:07pm
I had my car serviced last Friday and the Technician said I needed new brakes, there was some shuddering when applying the brakes.Went back on Monday and had front and rear pads replacedCar is still shuddering on braking.2 front tyres replaced and wheel alignment done 6 months ago

fordcrzy, Feb 25, 8:41pm
this is really common in big cars like falcons and commodores. ESPECIALLY when you use the brakes alot and get them really hot and then come to a stop say at a set of traffic lights, and you sit there with your foot on the brake while still in drive, this causes the brake disc to cool down at a different rate around its diameter and it warps.

ntalke, Feb 25, 8:48pm
Needs to be skimmed to correct any warping and to remove glazing which can also contribute to shudder

Look here for a run-down (3 Part)!v=R1kSj0ePp3c

crails, Feb 25, 9:10pm
Thanks for that looks like I'm going back to the workshop

jazzy1231, Feb 25, 9:54pm
Your the man! Awesome description

peejeles, Feb 25, 10:07pm
thats good to know

franc123, Feb 25, 10:24pm
I'd be asking the question why the rotors were not machined, or else replaced if at or too close to minimum thickness when the pads were done, if the car was road tested by them and the issue raised its obvious what the appropriate course of action was.After consulting the owner of course about the extra cost.

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