2010 Holden Commodore SV6 - Fuel Costs

forrie4, Feb 28, 7:14pm
The VE commodore has a 73L tank, the consumption ratings for these vehicles are rubbish.
I own a 2008 sv6 manual (pre-sidi), and driving like a gran around town and in congested motorway traffic can average approx. 9.5 - 10L/100Km.
Straight out open road driving returns an average of approx. 8 - 8.5L/100Km, while lately a return trip from work (65Km return trip, Massey to otara and back 95% motorway) the car is currently indicating 7.6 - 8L/100Km.
It's not what you drive but how you drive it.

timmo1, Feb 28, 8:34pm
True to an extent. Part of that is the environment in which you drive/the type of driving you do. A large heavy car like a Commodore is going to be a lot thirstier in town driving where you are having to accelerate that mass often. On the open road where the largish capacity means lower gearing and smaller throttle openings, the fuel consumption can be pretty good.

Horses for courses.

smac, Feb 28, 8:54pm
Been doing a bunch of learning on economy figures lately, and the difference between light and heavy cars, and small and big cc engines is really interesting.

Small car, small engine, open road and urban consumption figures tend to be closer. That is, it's using nearly the same gas whether you're running around town or cruising. Not the same, but closer.

Big car, big engine, the difference can be huge (eg falcon, commodore). Runs on fumes cruising at 100, but drinks if you like to use your foot in town. So IF you're worried about fuel consumption, then buying for your main use makes sense.

Remember those big lazy 6's can be doing nearly half the revs a small car needs to maintain 100kph, and less throttle for hills etc. This CAN also be the reason bigger cc engines have a reputation for lasting longer. They'll do less revolutions in their life.

gman35, Feb 28, 9:08pm
My wife is exactly the same in our 2.3l Mazda 3 , I am sure that I could get another20% per tankfull , as well as being easier on the tyres and brakes with much smoother driving.

ryanm2, Feb 28, 9:16pm
That last statement is slightly off - our 1.8 turbo passat sits at 2000rpms doing 100km (5 speed tiptronic) whereas the commy used to sit at 1800rpm. So buggar all difference.

vtecintegra, Feb 28, 9:23pm
Those 1.8Ts have unusually long gearing though - most cars with engines that size will be up significantly higher than that.

smac, Feb 28, 9:29pm
Ya I said CAN be. 1.8l Astra sits at 2800 or there abouts, and as for the minis.

smac, Feb 28, 9:29pm
Ya I said CAN be. 1.8l Astra sits at 2800 or there abouts, and as for the minis.

The point is, a 3.0l engine doing 2k is sweeping the same volume over time as the 2l doing 3k, and will have more torque at those revs so less inclined to need a downshift.

booboo117, Nov 2, 6:46am
Hello, could someone tell me how much roughly would it cost to full up a 2010 Holden Commdore SV6! and how many KM's would you get from a tank full!

phillip.weston, Nov 2, 6:47am
tried google!

franc123, Nov 2, 7:02am
1/Whatever 60 litres or thereabouts is X $2.10 a litre.
2/How longs a bit of string!Depends on how and where you drive, how much load you're carrying, and many other variables.Average fuel use is going to be in the 8-13L/100km range

franc123, Nov 2, 8:49am
^^Yes very much so, you get a few people who have traded up from 4cyl vehicles and for some reason think they can get away with driving a much larger 6 or 8 in the same style, you can't unless you want to be punished at the pump and its not neccessary anyway.The majority of driving only needs to be done at very light throttle openings, even overtaking very rarely requires you to floor it, if you don't do anything stupid the economy is quite acceptable.They soon figure this out for themselves.

dave653, Nov 2, 9:30am
My missus drives badly, on a short round town trip, I can increase the 'km's left' by up to 30km. It's auto, she is on the gas till the last second, I've told her,'the last 200-300meters the damn thing drives itself! get off it early!
I've recently fiited an 'M and H' muffler, and the economy has increased by much more, than the headers I made for it!
Haven't taken it on a trip since, but will report back when I do.
By the way. it's a VN 3.8 Calais.

clark20, Nov 2, 10:10am
The VEs have a 75L tank, and the V6 should get over 600km on that.

jarrod261, Jun 4, 8:04am
Should get well over 600km.
I get around 720km from a tank in my v6 VX.
The VE v6 is supposedly much more fuel efficient.

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