Best place to buy replacement belt for a husqvarna

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friendly_prawn, Mar 1, 7:41pm
drive belt on my mower has broken.
husqvarna are quoting $150.00 for a belt which seems over the top.
Any thoughts on best place to buy a belt.
Its the belt that drives the blades.


duggin, Mar 1, 9:26pm
f_p, a belt usually goes around the middle, not over the top.OTSS - try an engineering wholesaler - they keep v-belts.(If it's a flat belt, pinch one from a harley.)

friendly_prawn, Mar 1, 9:29pm
hey, cheers for the advice duggin, bummer it's not a flat belt, the neighbours got a harley. :-)
I'll give the local "engineer wholesaler" a call.

cheers for that.

afer_daily, Mar 2, 3:40am
grab the old one/ it should have the size code on it / then all you have to do is phone around!

kaspas, Mar 2, 8:11am
we got a croucher and crouder here i get me opti belts for lucas mill from there round $25 each,i would imagine you would be looking for similar thing

solarboy, Mar 2, 8:25am
I've replaced my Husky's blade driving belt several times over about 10 years at $25 to $30 each time from a local engineering shop.The dealer I bought the ride-on from told me where to get the cheaper alternative belt from adding that the genuine Husky ones lasted longer.Now that I hear their cost I think I'm still ahead.I did kill a couple of mine through abuse - as in mowing several small paddocks of knee high rushes and straw.

friendly_prawn, Mar 2, 8:29am
I see them adveritised in usa for $20. No wonder why many dont buy locally.
I have tracked one down for $95 but after listening to you guys, I'm definitely going to track down some sort of engineering shop that sells these belts.

cheers for the advice guys. Mucho appreciated.

robertsons-nes, Mar 2, 8:41am
get in touch with "gates" they could probably reccomend an equivalent and a retailer

pugsley98, Mar 2, 9:09am
Been down this road before with my old John deere. Genuine belts are a different composition to a belt from an engineering shop etc. Go genuine and make sure its tensioned correctly, dont try and cut hay with it either. Genuine will last for years. Aftermarket maybe a season if you are lucky. Buy from USA

friendly_prawn, Mar 2, 9:10am
Who or what are gates!
cheers robertsons

peril787b1, Mar 2, 9:22am
Husqvarna belts run on the inner and the outer surface meaning they need a different composition than a "normal" belt. They are expensive, but with the 3 Husqvarnas my Dad and I have had over the years, we've only ever replaced the belt twice on one (burnt it out mowing the paddock, knee high grass) and once on another. 3rd mower never had the belt replaced. All have done over 300 hours, acre section does that quickly. Moral of the story, buy genuine, they last longer.

xacoon, Mar 2, 9:27am
3 belts within 20 engine hours, first broke as soon as the blades were first spun from brand new. all factory at $150 a pop. yep the factory ones are gooduns.

xacoon, Mar 2, 9:29am
one thing I will give those john dear boys, they know how to spin a good yarn.

friendly_prawn, Mar 2, 10:14pm
USA would be my best option, but cant wait for it. Lawns are already too long. thats the reason I broke the belt in the first place.

cheers for the comment xacoon. After saying you hve had new belts break, I have definitely made up my mind to shop around to see what I can from the local engineering shops.

ntalke, Mar 2, 10:22pm
See in the US a belt for my Huskie is about $15.
Mine is due for replacement soon and can't find a supplier that posts to NZ yet

mechnificent, Mar 2, 11:00pm
I've got the gates special application catalogue here, it covers mowers, washing machines, generators stuff like that. If you post the model and year etc I'll see if I can find you the belt number.

jasongroves, Mar 2, 11:07pm

friendly_prawn, Mar 2, 11:29pm
Mower is an old MODEL NUMBER CTH160 (HECTH160B)

And if I am correct,I'm sure the part I need is part number 532165555
so it should be this belt here.

sound right to you!

friendly_prawn, Mar 2, 11:30pm
aha, cheers for the link.

wicked help guys. much appreciated.

mechnificent, Mar 2, 11:30pm
I'll have a look. brb

ntalke, Mar 2, 11:40pm
Cheers ,they stock the belt for mine,have to get the price from Repco who stock Gates

johanes, Mar 2, 11:45pm
it is a hex belt which is doudle sided. yes they are expensive but most are broken because of what the operator is doing, there is a few other brands that i can try if you cannot find a source. you cannot use a normal v belt.

mechnificent, Mar 3, 12:12am
I had no luck. Tried cross referencing, old listings, all sorts and still nothing.
I see that link you posted had the dimensions of the belt though. perhaps just try getting one from that.

mechnificent, Mar 3, 12:23am
The gates double V 1/2 by 107.5 inch belt is gates part number 6456BR

mechnificent, Mar 3, 12:30am
Double V 1/2 by 107.25 inch is 6579BR.

These are all what is called a bladerunner belt. made for mowers.