Diesel vs petrol 1800cc

steves73, Mar 9, 12:19am
ok, im on the hunt for a new car to replace my gas guzzling 2l at 12.5l/100k city driving. have 2 cars lined up of same make model, bout 4 years in difference, similar Ks in 1800cc diesel and petrol, autos.

cant figure which would be the most economical fuel/running cost wise. i worked out i do 11000ks/yr. have no idea on how fuel efficient a diesel is compared to petrol of same cc rating and grunt wise or if 1800 diesel is a waste of time all together taking into account RUC and rego

vtecintegra, Mar 9, 12:27am
Depends on how efficient each version is in the particular model, this varies a huge amount.

Remember if you are getting poorer than rated mileage with your current car the same is likely to be true for anything you replace it with as where and how you are driving won't change.

vtecintegra, Mar 9, 12:33am
BTW here is a calculator set up by one of the regular posters, you'll just need to enter the expected economy for each vehicle


chito, Mar 9, 12:34am
I was doing 12l/100kms in my 2000cc cefiro. I ditched that and bought a Bluebird sylphy 1800cc. it is amazing. It gives me 7.5l/100k around town.

steves73, Jul 2, 12:52pm
thanks. i just bought an 1800 caldina wagon (petrol). but damn it, a lady didnt get back fast enough on her 1500 wingroad wagon which wouldve saved me a bit of cash and no cambelts. both same age and Ks and probably close enough economical wise i think. ohwell. no regrets! shouldnt have a problem selling the caldina later if i need to by the looks. they go for a mint

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