Bad brake bads, can i still drive the car?

nashipear, Mar 8, 5:31am
my brake pads started squeaking last week. then I let my partner use my car for a week and when i jumped back in it today it was really bad. It makes a horrible grinding noise when your foots both on the brake and without.I am getting the brakes done this week but now my man wants me to drive him to pick up a car 20k out of town. Will I stuff anything if I drive that far!

intrade, Mar 8, 5:35am
you should not drive it anymore. as 1 you wont be able to stop in a emergency. and 2 you will root the disc for good the longer it grinds. tell him to hike

mr_lovebug, Mar 8, 5:36am
You may wreck the disc's if you keep driving when the pads are worn out.

The noise you are hearing is the backing plate from the pad rubbing on the disc,you can wreck the disc & will need replacing IF you get them too hot (by driving on them for long time).

Personally as soon as you hear the SLIGHTEST odd sound you should STOP & get the brakes looked at.

I changed my pads the other day,cos they was low (3mm of pad left)where the new pads have 15/20mm.

Keep driving if you want to spend REALLY BIG MONEY!

franc123, Mar 8, 5:39am
All you are doing is creating more damage, it sounds like the partner needs replacing as well as the brake pads and discs if they are insisting on you driving a vehicle with faulty and unwarrantable brakes.Bit idiotic don't you think!

mr_lovebug, Mar 8, 5:40am
When I went for WOF I was told I had low pad life.

Hence I changed them early.

mottly, Mar 8, 6:12am
of course you can still drive the car - but stopping might be a problem, and if it's grinding it could end up costing a bit, especially if you've buggard the disc. edited to say, if it's grinding when you aren't touching the pics, it's probably a stone stuck in there. Have a hoon around in reverse, alot of the time that will flick the stone out.

mel_nz26, Mar 8, 7:06am
The noise is coming from the , I dont know what you call them they are little thin metal bits that scream when your pads are shot, you can drive a car without brakes by using the hand brake- keeping your following distances and slowing in speed, use your gears to engine brake or change down in auto,it can be done with common sense, if you have to and all of us have a time when you have to.

ct9a, Mar 8, 7:07am
meh brakes only stop the car wouldnt worry about it.

gosh are people actually seriously this numb minded!

carkitter, Mar 8, 8:32am
I'm pretty sure you're alone in offering that advice.

icemans1, Mar 8, 10:09am
don't 'try' to fix the brakes if you don't know what you are doing

muzzaandmich, Mar 8, 10:10am
if you know the brakes are faulty and you drive just because you are pressured into it and have a accident i doubt if your insurance would be valid ,, thats if you have insurance at all. dont drive the car,,

davedave, Mar 9, 4:27am
Whats worse is, if you knowlingly drive a car that has a fault, and that fault contributes to or causes an accident, especially one that causes injury or death, you will face serious charges.

richardmayes, Mar 9, 4:47am
This condition is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Don't drive the car anywhere until you've jacked it up and put new pads in. Tell partner to call a cab. Seriously.

[Edit: Then go immediately to a mechanic and ask them to check whether you need the discs machined.]

If it's making a grinding noise, that means that all of the friction material has gone from your brake pads, and their metal backing plates are now pressing against the disc.

Shiny metal pad backing plate vs shiny metal brake disc does not give you much braking power - potentially almost none. Not to mention the damage it is probably doing by carving grooves into the disc.

klrider, Mar 9, 7:29pm
Its fine, you need to drive with the door open and with a heavy pair of boots and plenty of road you can slow down like Fred Flintstone. Dont use jandels.

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