Who thinks these cars are rather ugly

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whqqsh, Mar 12, 4:42am
Id hate to go where he buys histakeaways

thejazzpianoma, Mar 12, 4:48am
Could swap it for a Multipla. but that could be "out of the fire and into the frying pan"

gilco2, Mar 12, 4:48am
Ugly as, but at least doesnt conform to the normal bland cars

craig04, Mar 12, 4:49am
They look like a slapped arse!

thejazzpianoma, Mar 12, 4:51am
So you could likely fit two into the back of the Multipla then. oh wait. spelling.

LOL nice quip though. I take it you refer to the "corrugations"

purple666, Mar 12, 4:51am
I'd say that the designer had a case of the hiccups when he drew that up

thejazzpianoma, Mar 12, 4:52am
+1 nothing is as ugly and blind conformity.

craig04, Mar 12, 4:56am
No, I'm simply referring to the fact that it is the ugliest car produced and every time I see one I just want to shake the owner and ask wtf were they thinking.

P.S. I don't understand your first line.

craig04, Mar 12, 4:57am
Arse as in ass as in donkey or other small equine livestock!

thejazzpianoma, Mar 12, 5:07am
"click" you got it!

bowla3, Mar 12, 7:21am
If for some reason I had to drive one of those things,I'd need to wear a mask, big wrap around sunglasses, a hoodie and any other disguise available.

kevin_the_kiwi, Mar 12, 7:40am
The interior looks like its made out of plasticine.

jmma, Mar 12, 7:47am
Did they have a dream about a Ford Anglia (o:

dvince, Mar 12, 8:00am
Plenty of room in the boot for the rear passengers prosthetic legs.

ema1, Mar 12, 8:31am
One big frying pan to fit em both would be good I reckon.
Frying pan in the shape of a blast furnace I mean ha ha.

gunhand, Mar 12, 8:35am
looks like a citroen had sex with a golf cart and gave birth to that.

chargerchick, Mar 12, 12:50pm
The health sanitizers are coming ! run for your life,.pmsl. ugly little car.

chargerchick, Mar 12, 12:53pm
EEh and whats with the speedo being up there in the middle of the dash.WEIRD.

vpholdie, Mar 12, 7:06pm
almost as bad as a toyota bb

hotrodtodd1, Mar 12, 9:21pm
Funny how we bitch about how bland cars are "these days" and then we bitch about the ones that arent bland.

I still think the most beautiful passenger car of the past 50 years is the original XJC Jaguar. And the most stunning is the ID/DS Citroen.

Im guessing that most of your grandparents would have hated the ID Citroen when it was released in the mid 50s, and they would have driven home proudlly in their very British Morris Poxford

panicky, Mar 12, 9:24pm
I dont mind the Will VS, back has quite a different shape to this model

richms, Mar 13, 2:09am
They are at least not another look-a-like slipper shaped hatchback. I wouldnt want one since I dont like small cars, but I can see the attraction to it.

Just like some people are not happy with a boring brick and tile house like every other bloody thing on the street, they want a different car, and those are different and cheap.

waipawa, Mar 13, 2:43am
Reminds me of a modern day Ford Anglia with its patented "ultracramp" rear seat and the unique inward sloping rear windscreen so the backseat passengers don't have to be headless as well as legless.

trogedon, Mar 13, 6:34am
Agreed re the XJC. The thing with the ID is it had so much going for it besides beauty.

movnon, Mar 14, 8:59am
no one thought angleboxes were ugly in their day.but just shows, Toyota have a sense of humour!