Scrapping cars

scousemouse, Mar 13, 9:37pm
anyone no what theyr paying at the moment for dead cars!

jezz43, Mar 13, 11:07pm
around here its $250 complete if you drop it off, $150 if they pick it up. should be similar. but car has to be complete for those prices

demons, Mar 14, 4:13am
we got 360 from place in penrose. and 150 for ali wheel at drury tyres with good tread.

a18a, Mar 14, 5:00am
i get around $200 - $300 picked up for complete cars from the broken car collection company

phillip.weston, Mar 14, 5:48am
yeah about $200-300 depending on weight. If this is the Mondeo, I think you will get more than $300 if you $1res it, if it's the Galant - I'm definitely still keen.

scousemouse, Mar 19, 7:57pm
got three hundy for my old van and they picked it up. do they pay more for older cars because it seems if its pre 90's your getting good coin but they only offered 150 for a 97 mondeo and it weighs a shit ton more than the van!

phillip.weston, Mar 19, 8:18pm
probably easier for them to scrap an older car I suppose! Even a wrecker would offer you more than $150 for that Mondeo. Heck even I would offer you more than that haha! I've been looking into the cost of replacement transmissions myself but they are well over $500!

scousemouse, Mar 19, 8:24pm
its all good now it was just the 2nd gear transmission it repaired and serviced for under 4 hundy.shes all good now.still dont want to keep it though probably give it a clean up and flick it.galant still here though if your keen.iv been eyeing up a cheap 96 magna wagon.are they chain driven!

phillip.weston, Mar 19, 9:04pm
yep still keen on galant, it's more of a case of just finding time for it! Yeah I was thinking maybe that mondeo transmission could have been repaired in place. Yep Magna wagon with the 2.6 is chain driven but it's a fairly old tech engine so it can be known for its lack of refinement. They still go well though, especially with the fuel injection. They are a bit thirsty, and at higher kms they can get smokey with worn valve stem seals and/or worn out rings. The 3.0 V6 is a much better engine and the fuel economy figures will be very similar, except the 3.0 will feel like it has twice the power and is much smoother. The 3.0 V6 too can get smokey though.

scousemouse, Mar 19, 9:12pm
the price of this beast is pretty good.have to love the old side of the road me has wrecked it for the bargain hunters these days.

phillip.weston, Mar 19, 9:15pm
yeah definitely, gone are the days of wof&reg cars for $500. If that Magna is 5spd it would be just about bulletproof.

scousemouse, Aug 5, 3:49pm
yeah its five speed.just looks a bit dodge has three different coloured doors on it and knackerd tyres.pretty easy tidy up.iv always had a thing for magnas.hit my first power pole in one and still drove it home.

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