Delica diesel, brake problem

les37, Jun 29, 5:22am
1990 delica,replaced,front rotors,calliper seal kits. ,pads,, rear shoes and wheel cylinders., new brake master cyl.problem is spongy pedal .going to floor, only when motor is running . any ideas,was thinking brake booster, did not have this problem before brakes were done

v8cougar, Jun 29, 5:36am
pressure bleed them and chack the booster has vacume

thunderbolt, Jun 29, 5:37am
Get some brake hose clamps from your local Repco/BNT/SCA and clamp all the flexible brake hoses to see if that fixes the problem.
If the pedal is now rock hard, take off one clamp of at a time to isolate the location of the issue.

les37, Jun 29, 5:46am
has vacume, good pedal when motor is not running,when engine is started, pedal goes to floor

sred69, Jun 29, 7:22am
its normal on these, the tandem servo and alternator driven vacuum pump do givea spongy feel but if you drive it brakes work great, its just if sat stationary with foot on the brake it gives such good brake assistance it does feel spongy.

intrade, Jun 29, 7:23am
yea but his goes to the floor lol.

les37, Jun 29, 7:25am
$80 from autostop,had this problem after all brakes were done, so i then replaced master cylinder, problem still there

intrade, Jun 29, 7:26am
i told you what to do. all the vaccume does is make it more easy for you to push the pedal nothing else

les37, Jun 29, 7:29am
was pressure bled by mechanic, no fluid loss

mrfxit, Jun 29, 7:54am
So .
It's ONLY when vacuum pressure is applied thats showing up a problem

Come on guys . THINK

strobo, Jun 29, 5:12pm
uumm let me think !

strobo, Jun 29, 5:38pm
clue(the adjustablelink betweenthe master ,reaction disc & pedal )

intrade, Jun 29, 7:04pm
yea well you normally inspect if the new master is the same as the old. the vaccume sucks on the master. my guess is the new master is a Broken one also. that or somwhere is a leake letting air in I would clamp off one side of brake hose with vice grips then both and if its still going to the floor .also in the air check by hand when you can stop the wheel at what pressure on brake pedal needs 2 people.

strobo, Jun 29, 7:13pm
intrade wrote:
yea well you normally inspect if the new master is the same as the old. the vaccume sucks on the master. my guess is the new master is a Broken one also. END .quote]

A broken new master cyl ! i doubt it, les alreadysaid it was pressure bleed by a mechanic .rear brakes should be adjusted up correctly

intrade, Jun 29, 7:16pm
strobo i have seen loads of things dont forget one thing . all parts are made in china or taiwan these days that you buy in nz. I once had 1 brand new sparkplug that was faulty. man what a blimmin job till i figured it had to be that 1 plug that was new also . its not highly likely but possibile never the less

strobo, Jun 29, 7:18pm
Ive never ever come across a broken NEW master cylinder.

intrade, Jun 29, 7:23pm
the place who did bleed the brakes is where i would go and on to a brake tester roller machine to see if one of the brakes brakes less or more to then see if there is air in that one or a other problem and if all is ok i would remove the master again and fit a master from pickapart to see if that one does the same as the brand new one.

les37, Jun 29, 7:24pm
this problem wasnt there until all brake parts, excluding master cyl were replaced, so master shouldnt be the problem

strobo, Jun 29, 7:26pm
I suggest takingit back to who did the the job for them to see theirway clear in getting it right at no cost .cheers The pedal should only drop about an inch 25milapproxwith vacuum .motor running before it gets harder, not to the blardy floor !

intrade, Jun 29, 7:28pm
hope it was not midas or pitstop you dont want to take it back there again thats sure as hell

les37, Jun 29, 7:30pm
its a good mechanic, been using him for 10 years, its going back today. dont think anyone with half a brain would go to midas or pitstop

intrade, Jun 29, 7:32pm
ok good let us know what it was its gota be something

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