Bleeding brakes Ba Falcon

don_logan, Jun 28, 9:33am
2005 Falcon BA front brake hose blew over weekend, lost all fluid. got a replacement today fitted and went around the car bleeding brakes back to front. got in car and had good pedal pressure. start car, pedal sinks to the floor. went around again with motor running, couldnt see air in fluid. same thing sinks to the floor. had quick look on aussy falcon forums and some saying ABS needs to get a electrical signal to purge! other suggest booster issues.I find it hard to believe the booster has given way at the exact same time a hose has blown. so any advice welcome. thanks J

thunderbolt, Jun 28, 9:45am
Possibly the seal in the master cyl has torn on the corroded area past it's normal travel, which it would have been dragged over when the pedal went to the floor several time.

For a hose to get bad enough to burst and not be noticed, I am guessing it has not been maintained to the highest standards and the fluid has never been changed.

don_logan, Jun 28, 9:54am
Possible. I'm told the Ba falcon has an issue with hoses busting from new. some say its because they are fractional too short, which I think has nothing to do with lack of maintainace of the braking system.

don_logan, Aug 8, 10:56am
That maybe Fords spin on it, from what I see online owners reports would suggest both are suspect. "It's a problem with the brake hoses. Some are too short but we've also had a lot of reports of front brake hoses blowing."