Cost for fitting a BT4AGE Engine into FXGT

jasongroves, Jun 28, 10:58am
Would be looking at a few thousand if you cant do any of the work yourself.
If you really want to put a 20v 4AGE into an old Ae92 Corolla, then I wouldn't be spending that much on the car itself.
Better off buying one with a stuffed engine if that's your plan for it.
You will need ECU and most likely gearbox and drive shafts for starters.
Mounts will need to be changed or modified as well.
If it was me, I would either buy a later model Corolla or Levin/Trueno with the factory 20v or buy someones finished, or almost finished project with the hard work done.
Actually, if it was me.I would be sticking with a 16v 4AGZE with a turbo hanging off the side;)
Even the stock red top 16v can be tweaked pretty well to outperform a 20v pretty easily.

jasongroves, Jun 28, 11:02am saying all that, it is your money and Im a fan of the wee 'Rollas etc myself.
So do whatever you like/makes you happy:)

jizy1, Jun 28, 11:19am
Bloody hell! Thats a little bit out of my budget! lol, Plan is to get this corolla and have a bit of funwith it, drive it daily etc, If something goes badly wrongwith it - (which it shouldnt being a corolla) then i might invest in either the black/maybe redtop. Yeah really like the corollas, I haven't owned anything but. Cheers

jasongroves, Jun 28, 11:21am
That one in the link already has the redtop 16v;)
Earlier models used the blue top.

jasongroves, Jun 28, 11:22am
Join up at toyspeed forums if you haven't already.

jasongroves, Jun 28, 11:23am is a great source of info too.

pollymay, Aug 7, 11:49pm
I can do those conversions quite reasonably, haven't actually done an FXGT but done a few other 4age things pretty easily. The engine, does it come with loom and ecu! Cause that is the real kicker with the blacktop, the tune. Silvertop can be made to perform pretty much the same with BT headers and ecu.

Bolts up to the stock box, flywheel bolts on, only issue i can think of is the BT plenum is quite big and can hit the firewall, just grab a ST one though /problem. The waterpiping is a a little different iirc but nothing major just a couple cut n stuffs to make it work. The wiring is the kicker, kind of a pain in the ass.