Toyota estima coolant flush

muzza27, Jun 27, 8:52am
how do you get the water to go through the system to flush the coolant through!

ceebee2, Jun 27, 9:30am
Simply run the engine till at operating temp with the heater on "Hot", allow to cool for 15 minutes then carefully remove the radiator cap and undo the radiator drain plug which is under the radiator (May be a flush plastic screw). Put garden hose into radiator and flush for several minutes. There is a far more technical way to do it but this way is good enough for the DIY. Ensure you refill with 1.5 L antifreeze, top up and run WITHOUT radiator cap on until the fans come on, top up again and replace cap. Recheck when cold on a level surface.

mugenb20b, Jun 27, 9:47am
Flushing a hot motor with cold water!

elvis58, Jun 27, 11:13am
Tell you from experience go and get the radiator stripped and cleaned properly. It's the only way. If it's not been done before expect it to be blocked 70% or more. I built a bleed valve for mine in the top heater hose as bleeding them can be awkward. Don't put tap water anywhere near it.

intrade, Jun 27, 11:34am
be carfull they got a real difficult complex coolant system.
I would get it done professionally with a flushing-purger divise dont know if toyota agent have one. because if you got air in the system your head will crack on early underfloor engine estimas.

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