2006 Toyota Estima (3rd Gen) V6 or 2.4 CVT?

icebuurg, Sep 28, 11:00pm
Hi. I've been looking at options and this is where I have landed at present. The Mazda MPV looks like the next best option. I need something that can handle two rearward facing car seats with room for grandparents in the back. Also I want a deep boot (third row folds into the floor) so we can fit a double buggy with the rear seats up.

3.5 V6 6 Speed Auto
2.4 7 Speed CVT

- CVT. Scary or ok?
- How bad is the fuel economy around town? The V6 on the open road will be ok as it only revs at 1850rpm at 100kph.
- General reliability?
- Have a missed another option?
- Is the Mazda better? Its much tighter in the 3rd row of seats though.


petal_91, Sep 28, 11:05pm
Check out the Vellfire and Alphard vans from Toyota. Similar motors and transmissions but more luxurious.

seadubya, Sep 28, 11:11pm
Grand Voyagers have full seat belts, room for a double buggy and an automatic transmission. I have seen a few with 300,000km on them so they seem to be capable of lasting if serviced correctly. I have driven two different ones and they are not my cup of tea, but they seem to tick your boxes.

kazbanz, Sep 28, 11:59pm
Icebuurg--I don't have great faith in the V6 versions of the estima.
They seem to have an aptite for Transmissions.
being third generation I might be being unreasonably untrusting.
The suggested alternartive is the Toyota Alphard which Is really REALLY nice to be a passenger iin and a LOT more room.

icebuurg, Sep 29, 12:47am
The Toyota Alphard is just so massive though and surely they must strain the wee 2.4?

kazbanz, Sep 29, 3:56am
The ones I've driven don't seem to be an issue

clark20, Sep 29, 5:55am
Guy at work just went from a 2004 V6 to a 2013 2.4 and commented last week a huge difference in economy. Did not give numbers though.

extrayda, Apr 17, 5:17pm
The problem with these (if you have booster seats) is that the middle row of seats is solid, unlike the import ones, which are split, so a single behind the front passenger, and a 'double' for the rest. Much more practical.
Not sure if all NZ New had the solid middle seats, but the ones I have looked at did. (note that the one you showed and I am talking about are the previous gen).

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