Toyota Estima

leighfrancesca, Feb 22, 7:59am
We are looking at buying one of these from around the 2000-2001 era.Are there are any common problems that I should be looking for when testing! And pros and cons!

intrade, Feb 22, 8:02am
mk2 are suposedly better then the older enema steamer. but i would buy a townace noha over a enema any day.

thejazzpianoma, Feb 22, 10:29pm
Pros/Cons probably depend on what you are actually using it for. They are a big bulky thirsty barge to knock around town in so if you are simply running 3 - 4 children around they are a waste of money.

If you really need 8 seats nearly all of the time then they are likely O.K.

The new generation ones like you are looking at are at least reliable and don't decapitate the driver in a crash like the first generation ones did.

What are you actually using it for and how many km's would you do in a week!

ralphdog1, Feb 22, 10:52pm
I can feel a Multipa coming along in a moment.

fordluva, Feb 23, 1:19am
Oh dear. be sure to wipe afterwards.

elvis58, Feb 23, 1:34am
HAHAHAHA haha, multipla that you Sting!

pauloc, Feb 23, 4:01am
Estimas are superb people carriers. Have sold over two hundred myself, pay attention to euro trash loving freakshows at your own peril.
In fact I just traded one done 190 kms and apart form the interior suffering a lot of abuse drives perfectly, buying anything on jazzpiano's guidance makes two fools

pauloc, Feb 23, 4:05am
Sorry for the severity of comment, but not in the mood for fools today, even literate ones

leighfrancesca, Feb 23, 4:46am
Haha, thanks for the input so far guys and no I am definitely not looking for a Multipla haha.Well, we've got two kids, with another on the way so we want a decent sized wagon that we can load the kids and the dog plus luggage into for those out of town trips without having to take two vehicles.We did consider and test drive the Ipsum as well as oddyssey but after checking out and driving the Estima felt that it best suited our needs.

mugenb20b, Feb 23, 7:36am
Be aware that there are two engines available, cambelt driven V6 and chain driven 4 cylinder. V6 ones go better, but may cost a bit more maintenance wise. Gen 2 Estimas are great vehicles either way, and they seem to hold their value.

mugenb20b, Feb 23, 7:38am
Townace Noah, Intrade, NOAH!

thejazzpianoma, Feb 23, 9:41am
I would suggest you take a VW Touran for a run. You are buying a MUCH more up to date vehicle for similar money.
The much more efficient engine and transmission means you are going to use at least a third less fuel and have something that is more manoeuvrable and zippy but plenty of space.

The Touran is ridiculouslyunder-priced in this country so you can grab one for a bargain, they are around in good nick from about 12K if you keep your eyes open.

If you are concerned about parts or reliability, no need to be. The Touran is basically a stretched Golf so parts are cheap and easily available. Maintenance on the Touran is generally less than the Toyota as well.

Drive one and see the difference.

thejazzpianoma, Feb 23, 10:01am
BTW, pity you don't like the Multipla. Its got just as much go as the Estima but costs only half as much to run (yes seriously half!)

MUCH nicer vehicle to knock around town in to, with amazing visibility and no blind spots. Fiat invented the people mover, they know what they are doing.

ct9a, Feb 23, 7:19pm
honda Odyssey.!
mazda mpv.!

VW wagons are low priced for a reason,and thus reflects prices by the fact no one wants them.

leighfrancesca, Feb 24, 4:15am
I don't know a lot about the Touran unfortunately but thanks for bringing it to my attention.Yeah the missus doesn't like the look of the Odyssey and we do have the MPV on our list of our possible vehicles, the Estimas just look like a pretty decent vehicle for the money and Toyota vehicles in general are known for their superior reliability.

penza1, Feb 24, 4:24am
Love my Toyota Estima.have 3 kids, and it's been a reliable people mover for me and my family. Good for long trips too, comfortable and safe. Love it!

thejazzpianoma, Feb 24, 10:58pm
If you are excited about the Toyota because of the reliability from a low running cost stand point be cautious.
The new Estima is O.K for reliability but nothing spectacular. The location of the engine etc does not make for super inexpensive servicing like people expect. Also while brake pads etc are priced O.K some of the more unlikely parts Toyota can be disgustingly overpriced. To give an example I recently ordered from Toyota a motor for a central locking mechanism.They sent us a $4 model shop motor (seriously thats exactly what it is) for $50. Worse still the unit it goes into is factory sealed and has to be cut apart with a dremel and put together with "kneed it". The alternative was to pay several hundred for a complete unit. You can buy a set of 4 universal equivalents (complete central locking units) from Jaycar for about $45.

I am not intentionally rubbishing the Estima here, it has its place. But what I am saying is be realistic. Do the math for yourself and talk to the likes of Qualitat etc who service and supply VW parts and compare for yourself.

In terms of overall cost of ownership over time, Estima vs VW the VW is going to easily win out based on economy, service costs and depreciation.

Be wary of the MPV as well, its a lovely machine but the economy is what kills it. If the VW wasn't so far ahead of the game I would be quite pro the MPV and even the Estima but its just so much better in terms of design/efficience/features that nothing else really measures up.

Same goes for the VW Golf (which is a Touran mechanically) no one else comes close to offering as much for as little in that segment.

thejazzpianoma, Feb 24, 11:09pm
BTW, since you don't know a lot about the Touran, what gives it the big edge is mostly the gearbox (but there are lots of other smaller things too).

What you have is 6 gears vs 4 in the competition. Plus instead of havinga torque converter (the bit in an auto that replaces a clutch in the manual) you have a clever twin clutch system instead.

The disadvantages of a torque converter are:
1. Loss of power to running the unit
2. Loss of economy to running the unit
3. More expensive and more frequent servicing than a manual gearbox.

With the DSG you dont have those disadvantages. The service requirements are low because its essentially a manual gearbox with a computer controller to make it an "auto". The result is basically all the advantages of a manual with all the advantages of an auto.

Plus, the two extra gears up its sleeve make a HUGE difference. Just think about it, you are driving up a big hill with a load on. In a 4 speed you can only change down one big leap to 3rd without losing pace.

With a 6 speed you have 5th 4th and 3rd to play with which makes a huge difference to economy and how much power you have on hand. Big hills and passe's are traversed with much less effort, less fuel and a lot more quiet elegance than a 4 speed auto. The advantages are not just available on the hills either but are a lot more apparent then (except when filling up with gas!). You get big advantages on fuel around town because thats when a torque converter in a regular auto is least efficient. You also get advantages cruising on the flat as you can take advantage of a nice high top gear with just a little jump down if a lower gear is needed for an incline. Gearchanges are literally quicker than you can blink which makes them super slick and barely detectable.

BTW, the DSG gearbox in the Touran has been with us for about 7-8 years now. Its the standard gearbox of choice for VW/Audi/Skoda and is used in pretty much all their cars. Its well proven and very reliable.

Most other manufacturers are scrambling to catch up and produce their own equivalent but most others are only due for release in the next few years.

vtecintegra, Feb 24, 11:13pm
I'll point out the Touran isn't even remotely the same size as an Estima.

thejazzpianoma, Feb 24, 11:18pm
Quite right, its smaller which makes it heaps better around town. For the original posters use though the space is likely more suitable. Because the seats don't fold well in an Estima for long trips like they are planing they will actually have more usable space in the back for the dog and gear than the Estima.

If they were carting 8 Adults around, then sure the Estima would win out every time and have my vote as bein lots more suitable. But for 3 kids, dog and camping gear you can't beat the Touran for the OP's use.

Its easy to confuse bulk with size and in terms of usable space the Estima wastes a lot of its extra room making for all the disadvantage of size with little benefit (except when fully loaded with people as opposed to gear which its great for)

The Touran's rear seat despite being a solid safe and sturdy unit folds completely into the floor giving you massive space yet still capacity for 5. Should the kids bring home some extras after school then the extra seat can be put into use very quickly.

rozendaal, Feb 25, 5:56am
Don't be tempted by the Sharan though [the full size VW people mover],16789.0.html; they are a nasty peice of work IMO but look reasonably nice.

craig04, Feb 25, 6:08am
The MPV is NOT a lovely machine. It is the worst car to ever have come out of Japan! Yes, the economy is poor but that won't kill it. Everything else mechanical is what will kill it. Literally! I would sooner have a Fiat.

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