VZ Commodore cooling/heating system

gary231, Jun 27, 7:58am
Hope someone can help, I have a VZ - over the past 3-4 weeks it has taken ages (8-10k's) to get heat into the heater inside the car. Thought may need thermostat replacing. Now my wife has just driven the car abour 6 k's and computer starts beeping "overheating" and temp gauge up to red. I let cool for 10 min, removed radiator cap started engine and filled with water. It took about 2 litres, also filled the resivore (sp). Question: could the thermostat be staying shut as well as staying open or does this sound like a bigger problem! Thanks

berg, Jun 27, 8:03am
Sounds like a leak somewhere. Take it to somebody who can pressure test system

gary231, Jun 27, 8:04am
Thanks, that was a thought I did have - seem to have more condensation in cab than normal but have just steam cleaned carpets so had put that thought on backburner

berg, Jun 27, 8:08am
Have a bit of a hunt round with a torch, both under the dash and under the bonnet. If coolant had plenty of antifreeze it might have left a visible trail to lead you to a possible leak.

gary231, Aug 1, 3:50am
Thanks - will look in daylight