Tinting over Window Heating Elements

trogedon, Nov 17, 7:35pm
There are heating elements in the front window of our car. Can these be tinted over safely without ruining the tint when the heating is used (not that we use it!)

skiff1, Nov 17, 9:47pm
You might run into issues trying to tint a front window.

trogedon, Nov 17, 10:07pm
We'll just stick our heads out the side window to drive!

trogedon, Nov 17, 10:07pm
The TOP of the front window.

bigfatmat1, Nov 17, 10:23pm
top of front window are more likely to be antennas 📡 either way you'll be fine

kazbanz, Nov 18, 9:32am
I was gonna post same as mat did.

clark20, Nov 18, 6:23pm
And it's OK on the rear

trogedon, Nov 21, 11:08am
They are there to transfer payments on toll roads in Japan. He took them off and did the tint.

tine0212, Nov 22, 9:00am
rain sensor for auto wipers

trogedon, Nov 22, 2:18pm
No. See above post. We've had rain sensing cars (this one isn't) and the sensors are not visible.

tine0212, Nov 23, 8:55pm
nah ya wrong. Plenty cars got both, the rain sensors are on windscreen aswell. Both my cars got toll bits from japan and rain sensors.

trogedon, Oct 20, 6:04am
These were ONLY toll sensors.

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