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kevlight, Apr 28, 5:37pm
those cannon style large diesel heaters ,we have one in the back store, its very noisy both in the fan operation and in the burner ,the heat output is fine but the exhaust temperature is dangerous hot .we don't use it any more , too clumsy to set up ,too dangerous with staff going back and forth ,we have three of those electric radiant heaters as seen on TV ,but unless you stand right in front of them ,we bump the customers away ,ha ! they are okay but with the 11 foot stud we are wasting our time try to heat the place.

intrade, Apr 28, 6:02pm
i think steve rob has one of these . speak of the devil a popup from youtube just came up with his latest video.
he heats up the room then turns it off .

intrade, Apr 29, 7:59am

lovelurking, Apr 29, 8:10am
We’ve got one of those indoor/outdoor heaters as seen on tv.
Husband is going to put it on a stand so he can move it to where he needs it in the man cave.
We have already set one up permanently on the wall in the house and it works really well. I was a bit suspicious at first but now I’m convinced and am happy to recommend them.

tygertung, Apr 29, 8:40am
It is going to be pretty easy to bung a wee bit of insulation into the garage and then all you need is a fan heater under the bench to take the chill off.

kazbanz, Apr 29, 5:10pm
lateral thinking. heat YOU instead of the garage.
Not being a smart alec .Im talking heated leggings and heated vest like on a motorcycle.

lakeview3, Apr 29, 5:14pm
Yeah not gas or diesel.

tony9, Apr 29, 5:36pm
That is the high tech version. We commonly used a 12 and a half gallon drum. Two 4" holes in the top. One for the flue and the other for a funnel tapering down with a steel plate under it. Waste oil dripped down the middle of the funnel.

Very eco - reused waste oil.

joanie32, Apr 29, 7:50pm
I’ve got something similar

Cost about $100 to build, and hasn’t cost a cent to run

serf407, Apr 29, 8:16pm
Also consider putting carbon monoxide detectors/ smoke alarms etc in workshops.

gunhand, Jun 10, 7:39pm
I have a double garage steel framed one and finally think I might want to do some work on my car and some other things. I want a good heater but can not really find anything electric powerful enough. Could use LPG but that crap is expensive and having to hire a large is not really what I want. I have found a few diesel units that would be fine but do these modern units leave or produce residue? Thats only and issue if painting though. Looking at this at this stage.
Will check back here later.

clark20, Jun 10, 7:53pm
First I would make sure that insulation is up to spec, even on the garage door. Then check out the cheapest heat pump you can find, no fumes, remember burning fuel in an enclosed space burns oxygen.

slarty45, Jun 10, 7:59pm
Broughton St takeaways got the as seen on tv advert electric indoor outdoor heater on the wall.
I was so impressed I stood in its blast while waiting for the greasies.
Best check it out.

gunhand, Jun 10, 8:08pm
Insulation? This is a garage not a house. Im not spending thousands to frame and insulate.

gunhand, Jun 10, 8:09pm
Interesting, best I go visit them for some chips.

tweake, Jun 10, 8:14pm
for a double garage, just get a big heat pump.
make sure its over sized so will actually heat the garage without running at full noise all the time. one down side is power connection to shed.

or an external diesel/lpg heater.
don't use an internal, all the moisture (not to mention fumes) will do bad things.
you could risk a flued heater (or wood stove) but risk of flames in garage with lots of flammables.

sw20, Jun 10, 8:21pm
My late father was the best commercial sparky out. He picked up a couple of heat pumps for free on a job site and installed them in his garage. Made working in winter actually enjoyable.

dublo, Jun 10, 8:26pm
Insulation could have a big effect on the amount of power you need to heat a garage. 50mm polystyrene sheets (or batts?) attached to the walls and of course something under the roof. Garage-grade or old carpet on the concrete floor and a good electric heater or heat pump and you won't want to go back into the house!

matarautrader, Jun 10, 9:04pm
I've been thinking the same and considering one of those 5kw Chinese diesel air heaters that are available on the other world wide site. Only about $220 delivered and seem pretty economical on diesel as well. Seems to be a lot of people putting them into campers overseas

slarty45, Jun 10, 9:49pm

gpg58, Jun 10, 9:52pm
Yeh but whats the price, if like all the other similar stuff before, it will be vastly more than the $200 its worth, and bet its only a 2kw or less.
(i have 4 top quality fiora moel 1.7kw ones(paid just $100 on here new/but second hand, for all), but using 2 in porch were useless at heating it, as above, they only heat what is directly in front of them, which is why i changed to parking heaters- but still have one there for instant heat when i first go out), and they are utterly useless if there is any cold wind or drafts.

onlylv, Jun 10, 9:55pm
the ex husband use gas heater when he worked on his 2nd wife - 911 Targa throughout the night for weeks when he first bought it

s_nz, Jun 10, 11:02pm
Personally I wouldn't use that diesel heater in a garage. - It doesn't have an exhaust pipe, so you end up breathing the fumes. Only acceptable if in well ventilated area's (like say a tent with one side open).

I would pick from the following

- 1x 2kW warehouse fan heater pointed at your work area ($20)
- Multiple warehouse fan heaters, with exertion cords run to different circuits i.e. kitchen (if on 20A breakers you can run 2 per circuit, otherwise one) $20 each + extension cords if needed.
- Have a sparky install a new circuit and outlets for the fan heaters (could even get wall mounted ones. (cira $400 assuming breaker box is nearby)
- Buy a used 5 - 7kW heatpump on here (cira $500) and pay around $700 to have somebody install it (total around $1200).

With regards to running costs, my marginal cost of power is 15.7c/kwh

So Electric fan heater @100% efficient = 15.7c/kWh heat
Heat pump at COP 3.0 = 5.4c/kWh heat
BBQ bottle LPG cabinet heater = 24c/kWh (if it was 100% efficient)
Diesel heater (@ $1.5/L) = 14c (if it was 100% effichent)

In my book the BBQ bottle & diesel are both too expensive to justify the hassel of dealing with them rather than electricity. Fan heater electric will have lowest upfront cost, and a heat pump will have lowest running cost.

If you plan to spend a lot of hours in your garage beyond this winter the used heat pump option could be quite tempting.

807, Jun 10, 11:07pm
" 2nd wife " . love it !

peanuts37, Jun 10, 11:36pm
Id go for the diesel heater, in fact have got one. No fumes more just slight smell.from fuel tank mounted on unit, very little noise and has thermostat and very cheap to run. All you need is a small hole in wall for exhaust and unit inside or about about 75mm hole for hot air and wires if unit out side. I just lift garage door a little so don't need holes. Mine is a portable Chinese model. Don't use it much but very good when I have.

Similar to mine.,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

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