Commodore wheel nut question!

sean1111, Jun 27, 1:07am
I have a vx holden (EX Police) with the cop steelies, which i have just replaced with some vy berlina alloys 16inch. I was just wondering if the standard nuts are the correct type/design for the alloys! They seem to be correct but I would like to check first. Many Thanks,

strobo, Jun 27, 1:18am
If the alloys are recessed for shouldered typestepnuts , you will know ! , If has the recessed slots in the mag then theshort tapered nuts are not suitable , but a short steppednutmaybe ok .
Not easyto explain sorry ,The tapered ones off the steels will shake loose off the alloys if not torqued up, buy the correct locking set from mag n turbo or somewhere , cheers

guider1, Jun 27, 8:35am
What you doing with the old silver rims sean!. i'm looking for some for a trailer.

treachug, Jun 27, 8:59am
Same wheel nut fits both steel & alloy wheels on Commodores. Both types of rims use same taper so you wont have any problems.

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