Staret 2k engine

royale1, Jun 27, 6:25am
does the 3k, or 4k enginefit in, iesame mountings etc
cheers john

mbikeman1, Jun 27, 6:30am
yup they look identical.ive done the 2k to 4k swap a few times and had no problems

royale1, Jun 27, 6:37am
cheers for that,

mugenb20b, Jun 27, 6:49am
Get a 5k if you can.

royale1, Jun 27, 7:13am
sweet, didnt knowthey fit aswell

robbo36, Aug 1, 7:12am
Only difference I know of between those 'K' engines is:- they just get taller in the block as longer stroke and have bigger bores. Obviously the carbys are jetted differently also.