Letting buyers take car for test drive?

valleystream, Jun 21, 6:51am
Do you go with them! Or do you take ID etc. and let them go alone! Are you insured if they have accident in your car!

jason18, Jun 21, 6:53am
Always, always go with them! I learnt the hard way (sort of). They took my car for over a half a day. Worried the shit outta me but they did end up bringing it back and buying it thank god. Just was random.

valleystream, Jun 21, 6:53am
Ok thanks, will do.

nz2293, Jun 21, 6:54am
proof of funds and diffently go with them

mugenb20b, Jun 21, 6:54am
Sometimes. That too. Not when they tell me they lost their licence. Depends on your insurance policy.

girlracer2005, Jun 21, 7:12am
the last car i sold the person left there keys with me witch was worth twice as much

phillip.weston, Jun 21, 7:49am
yeah I would go with them, or let them go by themselves if you had collateral. A few times I've gone to look at cars and the owners insist I leave something with them, even if the car is a total heap of sh*t.

carstauranga001, Jun 21, 7:58am
A few years ago a Tauranga dealers salesman thought he was OK with the keys of a clients car too. Turned out it was on a test drive from another dealer down the road. Car was never seen again. Cunning basta*ds.

subs1, Jun 21, 8:36am
LOL So how does it work if your selling a motor bike ! Can't go with them , ans can't follow in a car !

bubbles52, Jun 21, 9:22am
make them leave there wallet with there licence and money with you, the last bike i sold i kept there money they brought to pay for the bike and there I.D

flybye_in_a_rx7, Jun 21, 9:35am
i tend to make the call when they arrive and depends what kind of car im selling. if its one that might get thrashed i will go with them, but also i dont like it when im buying a car and someone comes with me if i want to test the power, so i tell them to go on the open road and they can floor it up to 100kph but not over the speed limit.
if its a crappy car that i dont really care about then i just let them take it.
it pays to let your insurance company know whats happening and just check you will be covered. and i get a photo of their id before they leave if i let them go alone.

michael.benn, Jun 21, 9:40am
When I went to test drive my Accord my best mate left his BMW 328i keys with the dude whilst we went, and I showed him I had my license and the money.


matthew111, Jun 22, 4:08am
always go with them

suplyuparts, Jun 22, 11:08am
you take them for a drive.unless they have cash in hand to hand to you.dont be shy an speak up an tell them how it is.its your car.

sebatrons13, Jun 22, 11:10am
Dont let them leave another car, if theyre dodgey, the car they leave will probs be stolen.

lisa.leann, Jun 25, 8:23am
when i was selling mycar a few years back let this nice guy and his wife take it on a test drive and they left there car and keys with me but they were gone for a few hours and said the would get bck to me. then two days later the car got stolen and re covered with al the sound and mags gone with no door lock or ingtion damage. theymust of got a key cut on the test drive hahaha

dr.doolittle, Jun 25, 8:31am
If Take a clear photo of them before they go. Even if you go with them.
If they object, then they must be dodgy. Simple really.

bleetbleet, Jun 25, 8:42am
if they take your car(with your permission)and they dont return it,beleive it or not,it quite awkard for the cops to do much about it,because you let them take it all the cops can do(if they can be stuffed)is scare the person in to handing it back.also if they break any laws(speed,run red lights or stop signsetc)guess who's liable-best off to ride with them

tgray, Jun 25, 9:43pm
Doesn't mean they are dodgy if you want to take a photo of them and also go with them and they object.
I personally believe that's going too far.

zephyrheaven, Jun 25, 9:50pm
I had to end a test drive physically once, had a young guy come & take a subaru for a test drive (he was just kicking tyres from the start) I went with him because I could tell what he was going to do - sure enough just down the road onto a 100K zone all hell broke loose, he slammed the brakes on & stopped the car on a dot just about lost my lunch - then floored it (not very well I might add slipping the clutch etc) & was approaching 160K when I said enough pull over or Im pulling you out of that seat -what an arsehole

Said he needed to 'see what it could do' lol

I still dont know how you salesmen do it, I was 2 seconds from dropping this dickhead off in the middle of nowhere

crzyhrse, Jun 26, 12:29am
With a car, there's no reason to not go with them. If they're Injuns and shopping as a family with 3 or more generations as they usually do, let one of THEM stay behind. Outside.

carstauranga001, Jun 26, 12:32am
Many motorbike shops take your photo. I am not at all adverse to this as I have nothing to hide.

dr.doolittle, Jul 27, 5:44pm
Exactly. If you're a serious buyer of anything, why would you object to that.