Changed brake pads now car wont start-help

catbrat, Sep 25, 12:37am
i just chenged the rear brake pads on my 1999 astra, now the car wont start wont turn over and makes a whistling noise, i wa wondering as abs brakes are they connected

carmedic, Sep 25, 12:44am
Nothing to do with the brakes, you have a flat battery or other unrelated fault.

whynot7, Sep 25, 1:18am
you need to reset the fallopian l/r door for 15 minites and it resets

crzyhrse, Sep 25, 2:30am
Yeah, it's almost as if they left the stereo on and boot and doors open while changing the pads.

jash3, Sep 25, 3:15am
Maybe the brake pads were put in backwards.

naphtha, Sep 25, 7:28am
Roll car over back onto the wheels, take refs whistle from exhaust, and give engine good spray with "Start ya bastard".Glad you enjoyed the after match party for A B's win.

owene, Sep 26, 9:54am
What about the analretention tube! Dosn't that also require clearing out and resetting!

zoltec45, Sep 26, 10:32am
You need to open the drivers door, sit the key on the dash above the steering wheel with logo facing up and key pointing directly north. Once you have done this reach over, lock and unlock the passengers door four times but DO NOT OPEN IT. Leave the car in neutral with the handbreak on and close the drivers door. Go inside and watch episode 21 of the war comedy MASH in its entirety then return to the car and your good to go.

shuddupowh, Sep 26, 6:08pm
^^^^ I'd laugh so hard if that actually worked.and probably harder if someone done that. Must;ve taken you a while to think that one up!

kazbanz, Sep 26, 8:35pm
all that said guys it IS an OPEL astra. So maybee changing pads really has shocked the car so badly it really wont run.
Weird cars those that choose to stop at the strangest times

thunderbolt, Sep 26, 8:58pm
Funny thing is that if this car failed to start a workshop had replaced the pads, the owner would still think the mechanic was at fault.

tigra, Nov 22, 9:09am
Personally I would worry about whether the car would now stop if this DIYer does get it going.