VS Commodore V8

jessie01, Jun 21, 4:54am
does anyone know where i would take my old girl to change it over from a auto to a manual and about how much it would cost to have this done.
Also I am having trouble with the central locking it locks all doors except the drivers door. Used to lock all 4. Thanx

bigracket, Jun 21, 5:01am
Honestly I doubt its worth the money you will spend to convert it, personally I would sell it and buy one in manual if you can find one I guess. just my opinion.

jessie01, Jun 21, 5:02am
i love my car and would like to keep it for a long time otherwise i wouldnt bother thinking about doing it

bigracket, Jun 21, 5:09am
Fair enough too.

guider1, Jun 21, 12:25pm
To buy a proper V8 manual setup will cost you approximately $3000-4000; so if you can justify that then by all means do it. It's not a hard job at all, probably the hardest part is fitting the manual pedal box. The other way is to get a complete V6 manual setup & buy a V8 bellhousing from Castlemaine Rodshop in Aussie (they're the cheapest). Then get the input shaft shortened 26mm (same way an axle is shortened, cut & welded) & you're away.

hatchback, Jun 22, 6:59am
He charges way too much, even his parts prices are over the top. A T5 box is only worth about $600.

ceebee2, Jun 23, 4:26am
I have converted earlier models. Price will vary depending on where the parts are sourced, i.e new S/H.My advice is to get WRITTEN quotes because you will get stung if not. There are variables which can alter the price heaps. Shop around. Try to find someone who has actually done it.

Cheers CeeBee (Auto Tech 30 years)

jessie01, Jun 23, 7:56am
thank you, will do some ringing around

guider1, Jun 23, 12:08pm
If you can find a V8 Commodore T5 for $600 i'll take 2 thanks.

guider1, Jun 23, 12:12pm
The way I mentioned is the cheapest way you will do it. & yes i've done several.
Been modifying &/or wrecking Commodores since 2000.

rayzor14, Jul 18, 11:02pm
Alternatively there have been a few VERY cheap VS SS wrecks go through Turners damaged auctions. Grab a manual one, use what you need and sell the rest.