Ford AU stationwagon or camry Gl S/W ?

shedz2, May 13, 10:27pm
have got $3000. need large S/Wwondering what would be the better of these two. ford auction number 376006459 camry auction number 375942060. your advice greatly appreciated. camry owner has done 10000ks since she purchased and dosent know when cambelt was last done.

nave12, May 13, 11:28pm
Falcon! handsdown.

shedz2, May 14, 1:01am
What about fuel economy!

mopar63, May 14, 1:12am
+ 1
I've had an ED and have an EL now am looking at AU's ,that one too actually that you are, they aren't that dear to run. plus the coon is 5 years newer than the camry

shedz2, May 14, 1:39am
So what would you think fuel per 100ks would be guys! thanks all for your help.

mopar63, May 14, 1:52am
I've had a few camry's too they are good cars and do the miles ,but at the moment I think AU's are one of the best buys around for your money ,course it depends too if you need the room and power of a coon over a camry.

shedz2, May 14, 1:54am
helping to get a wagon for daughterand her hubby with 3 kids.The 2 year old is a special needs little guy that cant crawl or walk hence need large wagon to cart all his specal needs gear around.They go up to starship about once a month but normal week would only do about 150kms. Thanks.

jason18, May 14, 2:58am
Just bought an AU honestly the best car (daily driver) I have ever owned. Get a good one and you cant go wrong!. Fuel economy is mint too for such a roomy car

craig04, May 14, 4:51am
Falcon hands down!

johnf_456, May 14, 5:23am
Falcon for sure, just go easy on that right foot!

johnf_456, May 14, 5:25am
Just had to say holden somewhere I knew you would :P

richardmayes, May 14, 6:29am
[EDIT: Sorry I wrote a whole lot of crap thinkingyou had said a V6 Camry for some reason!]

Definitely the Falcon if you want a comfortable family travelling car for the 5 of you. A Camry will labour and feel loaded down by that weight, a Falcon won't even know the whole family and your stuff is on board.

Plus a Falcon has all the power you need for effortless overtaking, making for more relaxing travelling if you have a long way to go.

Obviously the Camry with its much less powerful engine will make it harder for you to burn LOTS of gas, but it's still a sizeable car so it's never going to be an econo-box. A Falcon will only use drastically more fuel if you drive like an idiot - if driven sensibly (as you would with the kids in the back) it won't use a hell of a lot more fuel than the Camry.

In general I would trust Japanese engineering over anything else, but Falcons are pretty solid.

henderson_guy, May 14, 6:38am
Get a camry! (Just wanted to be different) but I agree, I would pick the falcon any day.

shedz2, May 14, 7:15am
Anyone know who does pre purchase checks in hamilton on saturdays.

jason18, May 14, 7:30am
I nearly bought that car but he didnt have it availiable at the time. I would go have a look at it for you if you wanted im not a mechanic but know what I am looking for.

shedz2, May 15, 9:57pm
Went to Hamilton yesterday and came home with the FordAU S/W. Thanks so much you guys for all your help especially Jason 18 who kindly did a great pre purchase inspection for us. Cheers.

shedz2, May 16, 2:00am
They are wrapped with the car andit runs great. Cheers.

vjregal770, May 16, 2:42am
The fact that the AU didn't go down so well for its looks makes it a real bargain buy. That said, I think it got a better reception here than in Australia, where it is despised. Personally, I've always liked it - especially the XRs.

But between the 2 cars you've shown, the Falcon for sure. Although not quite as big as the Ford, the Camry isn't a lightweight car either, and the 2.2 would probably use almost as much gas trying to haul it.

jason18, May 16, 2:44am
No worries guys, More than happy to help.Alot of car for ya $$!

curlcrown, May 16, 3:07am
If you want a large wagon it has to be the falcon, the camry isn't a large wagon.

jason18, May 16, 3:40am
She bought the falcon mate, An AU

jason18, May 16, 5:30am
I told them you were the best person to talk to fish! Cheers for all your help with mine too. So happy with it. I prefer driving it more than my valiant.hahah

leelee74, Feb 25, 12:49pm
hope they enjoy their AU awesome cars for the money