Mitsubishi 6G74 Motor

peternz, Jun 20, 5:34am
Hi, Is the 6G74 motor that is in Pajero's any good. ! Looking at listing 383943814 . I under stand some motors were shit . oil press problims . What do you think . Peter

phillip.weston, Jun 20, 6:23am
doesn't appear to be a GDI engine. The DOHC 3500 is quite a potent engine, many will say that it lacks torque and power because it's a multi-valve V6 engine, but it actually has more torque and power AND delivers the power/torque lower in the rev range than a Commodore 3.8 engine, an engine widely regarded as being very torquey. Being a '2nd gen' engine, it should have the four bolt mains bottom end and revised crankshaft and therefore will not have oil issues, which only came about in the first of the V6 engines due to lack of servicing.

Only real costs involved with that engine would be timing belt/water pump changes and spark plug changes, but for all other servicing it'll be the same as any other engine. Transmission is the same unit found in similar era Toyota SUVs like Surfs and Landcruiser Prados, so is a fairly robust unit.

Looks like it's NZ-new too which would be a bonus. I wouldn't say they are an economical engine to run in terms of fuel costs though, I would expect an average of at least 12-13L/100kms.

peternz, Jun 20, 8:32pm
Thanks very much . I have a 19942800 D and its a great wagon but am looking at updating. Will not be used around town but for long trips towing a small caravan. Looking for more comments please.

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