Toyota Estima Brakes

glenco, Jun 20, 4:30am
I have just been working on the brakes of my sister's 1993 Estima Emina.There was a valve type thing (in the brake line) that was attached to the rear suspension.What is that for!Anyone know!

mugenb20b, Jun 20, 4:32am
Load sensing brake bias valve. Basically, the more load you put in the back, the more braking you'll get on the rear axle. A lot of vehicles have them.

glenco, Jun 20, 4:36am
Thanks, I was wondering if that is what its for.Could it cause intermittent softness in the brake pedal!There are no signs of leaks anywhere.

mugenb20b, Jun 20, 4:39am
Nope, don't think so. Check your front and rear brake hoses while someone is standing on the brake pedal. Look for cracks and bulging, and bleed the brakes. Also, you can clamp off all the brake hoses and put your foot on the brake pedal. If it sinks to the floor slowly, your master cylinder is shot.

glenco, Jun 20, 4:42am
Thanks mugenb20b.I have just done a full brake fluid change (therefore bleed), so I'll see if that makes a difference.Otherwise it has not been loosing fluid, so I do not see how it could be the master.

mugenb20b, Jun 20, 4:43am
Internal brake fluid leak (possibly).

glenco, Jun 20, 4:47am
Internal!Where would it leaking from - to!

mugenb20b, Jun 20, 5:01am
If the pistons in the master cylinder aren't sealing 100%, the fluid won't get compressed, so you'll get a soft pedal. I'm not saying this is definitely the problem, but it could be. It's happened to a few vehicles that I have owned. Bleeding the brakes may just be enough to remedy the problem.

glenco, Jun 20, 5:04am
Thanks mugenb20b.I appreciate your advice.Thanks and have a (what's left of it) day.Cheers Glen

mugenb20b, Jun 20, 5:06am
No worries, but no doubt, someone will come on here giving their advice also. It's always good to get more opinions.

skin1235, Jun 20, 5:28am
how ta 'ell can anyone add to that mugenb, confirm yes - if air needs bleed, if bypass internal needs fix, but you've covered all the basics fine, clamps will show if the problem still exists which wheel it is, or if master at fault still

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