Wedding cars - Palmerston Nth

overstayer21, Jun 18, 8:57am
Just a quick question as to if anybody knows of any cars to hire out in Palmy for a wedding in November of this year, only thing I have been able to find online are the limos and Im not to keen on that. Thanks!

jono450, Jun 18, 9:02am mite be able to help but there up here in hamilton

overstayer21, Jun 18, 9:06am
Those are seriously cool cars! wow! have emailed them, hopefully they are keen would be a bit of a drive for them

grangies, Jun 18, 9:06am
Google some local car clubs, and they may be able to help.

jono450, Jun 18, 9:09am
yeh the cool rides good luck

overstayer21, Jun 18, 9:14am
that google link is awesome! haha, im stealing that for future use

woody1946, Jun 18, 9:20am
I have done weddings in Palmy. Do you like my type of car !--see profile pic

grangies, Jun 18, 9:25am
Yee Hah.

woody1946, Jun 18, 9:30am
Its a wonder you got a result with the way you spelled Palmerston-- good old Google for sorting it out

overstayer21, Jun 18, 9:46am
google always knows best.

wolf27, Jun 18, 11:27pm
i know of some mustangs available to do is mine.look on manawatu club cars.

buyme3, Jun 29, 6:09pm