RC Stock cars anyone?

dasfi, Jun 12, 10:32am
Looking at getting into it, anybody sell the frames and bodys new!

bobin55, Jun 12, 12:06pm
Yes i know someone that builds them

r15, Jun 12, 9:10pm
its cheaper to race a real mx bike than an RC car from my experience- something to keep in mind

bobin55, Jun 12, 9:53pm
yeah rite

r15, Jun 12, 9:58pm
by the time you destroy a set of $40 tyres every other race day and smash off $50 worth of various tamiya plastic, plus a few plastic gears, im serious. or at least there's bugger all in it.RC racing is not as cheap as it appears

dasfi, Jun 13, 10:27am
How much approx for a frame! and body

skoota, Jun 14, 12:48am
I think the current price for a frame is around $200, bodies for about $25. Wellington has a pretty good club, so it'd be good to get in touch with them. Take a look at some of the complete set-ups for sale on here, there are always a few for sale. Rc Stocks are pretty good on parts once you get set up and most of the racers are pretty open about sharing what is known to work, or is a waste of money. I've been racing them for 3 years now and have had lot of fun with the hobby/sport.

plasticfab1, Jun 12, 5:57pm
If you supply mold I can vacum form out of polycarbonate