ABS and Battery light on AU Fairmont dash

andrac63, Jun 8, 10:16am
Any known faults with these or is it likely to be a genuine problem!
Brakes work ok and voltmeter showing approx 13 volt when running

andrac63, Jun 8, 10:01pm

andrac63, Jun 9, 8:11am
have blown air around ABS sensors,not sure if cured as ABS light is intermittently on but battery symbol light stays on continuously,any thoughts!

beast9, Jun 9, 10:07am
get your alternator tested sounds like its giving up the go

pup2, Jun 9, 10:22am
"voltmeter showing approx 13v" It's poss the low voltage (due to fault with alternator), may be causing your ABS to log a low voltage fault. As above, head into a sparky or Ford garage and get them to have a look. Would expect a min 13.8v when running.

antwerp87, Jun 9, 10:29am
agreed your alternation will be causing abs fault. Auto electrician will be able to tell u what exactly as wrong with your alt.

nave12, Jun 9, 7:39pm
Yes,check the alternator for power steering fluid that may have leaked onto it also.But definatly sounds like the alternator is on its way to the tip.

jason18, Jun 9, 7:44pm
Mine runs at like 14.8-15v when running.

fordfan62, Jun 10, 12:25am
Same for the xr.

nave12, May 26, 10:52pm
my 93 eb also runs up at about that.